Frequently Asked Questions


While not all of our products are certified organic, most of our formulas feature certified organic ingredients. We conduct extensive research on all of our chosen ingredients to ensure that they meet our strict efficacy, safety, and sustainability standards.

All of our products are formulated without gluten or peanuts! While we avoid soy as much as possible, the following products contain soy-derived ingredients:

  • texture smoothing cream
  • pore refining concentrate
  • sea kale clay mask
  • vitamin c serum
  • ceramide barrier serum
  • postbiotic acne serum
  • revitalizing eye cream
  • scrubbing clay
  • daily spf
  • matcha face moisturizer (discontinued)

Since these products may contain traces of soy protein, we recommend that customers with soy allergies avoid these products

With the exception of our beeswax-inclusive products, all of our products are vegan. Products formulated with beeswax:

  • mymatcha all-over moisture stick
  • skin butter
  • turmeric stick

Yes! All our products are cruelty-free.
In conjunction with the enforcement of prominent environmental standards for organic beekeeping, ethical treatment of the bees is practiced and applied when sourcing our beeswax.

The highest percentage content of essential oils in any of our products is .3%
Products formulated with essential oils:

  • chlorophyll mask
  • facial cleansing oil
  • oil-to-milk cleanserraspberry jasmine oil
  • sea moss exfoliator
  • skin butter
  • glow essencevitamin c serum
  • sea kale clay mask
  • watermelon hemp oil
  • turmeric stick treatment
  • turmeric tonic

Though EWG is a free resource for consumers, certification is not free for brands. As such, we make a concerted effort to provide our own details and information about the ingredients we use in our formulas.

Tightly close all lids and caps after opening. Storing your products in a cool, dry place, and using clean hands to obtain the product will help maintain its integrity and extend its shelf life.
Extreme temperature changes can alter the consistency of the product.
Products that are safe to store in the refrigerator include rosewater toner, raspberry vinegar toner, glow essence, vitamin c serum, chia oil, watermelon hemp oil, revitalizing eye cream.

Most of our products have a shelf life of about 12 months after opening. On the bottom of every product box, we list a POA (period after opening) symbol. It should look like a little open jar with a number and the letter M (months). This will help you determine how long each product is good for after opening.

There is no FDA regulation for the term “comedogenic." In fact, there are no standardized tests that can accurately determine if an ingredient will or will not clog your pores or cause breakouts. Skin health is completely individual and dependent on genetics and lifestyle choices, including skincare. If you are worried about breakouts, here is a great blog post we did on a routine we recommend.


Each product page has a how to recycle tab with further instructions! Generally, we recommend recycling empty tubes and bottles according to your city's guidelines. You can also repurpose our containers - for example, our rosewater bottle makes a great sprayer for watering plants and the jar for our chlorophyll mask can be used as a sauce container for a packed lunch!

Thank you so much for taking the initiative to be eco-responsible! If you want to learn more about our work on sustainability, visit our blog.

Unfortunately, we’ve discontinued our cycle back program. We realized that shipping bottles all over America required enough packaging and emissions to basically outweigh the benefits of the actual recycling. Additionally, more often than not, the bottles were coming back to us in an unusable state, so we weren’t completing the full circle of recyclability that we had hoped to. It was a great idea in theory, not so much in practice. We’re still trying to figure out our long-term solution here, to allow you all to reuse and refill your containers and cut back on waste. We’re happily taking any suggestions, too!


Unfortunately, any order that exceeds $20 USD may be subject to import duties and fees, taxes and other charges. If your order requires these additional charges, they must be paid by you in order for your package to clear customs. Cocokind does not collect any duties and/or taxes and we cannot predict what your charges may be.

Once your order has shipped, we are unable to refund any shipping costs incurred should you not accept the customs charges. If you wish to cancel your order prior to shipping, please contact

Currently, we ship to all 50 states in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
Use our store locator to find retail stores in your area!

We use both UPS and USPS as carriers, and we're unable to predetermine which carrier will be used for a specific order. We offer the following shipping options:

    US & Puerto Rico: Standard Shipping - $6, delivery within 5-7 business days.
    Canada: Standard Shipping - $18, delivery within 12 - 21 business days

Please keep in mind that business days do not include weekends or holidays.

Once your package reaches customs in Canada, it is handled by Canada Post which does not provide international tracking. It is common for packages to be marked as “Delivered” only to arrive later. Cocokind would like our customers to be aware of these factors before placing an order with us.

Here’s how it works!
Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. It can take a few business days to process your order and when your shipping label is printed, you will receive a second email with a tracking link. This link will provide the most accurate time frame for delivery! Please keep in mind that standard shipping is 5-7 business days, not including holidays or weekends.

If you haven’t received a tracking email:
Please email with your order number and new address as soon as possible! Although our fulfillment team processes orders quickly, we will try our best to process your request! If you have received a tracking email, unfortunately your order has been fulfilled and is on its way to the address entered at checkout. You can try contacting USPS directly to intercept the package.


We’re so sorry about any shipping delay you may be experiencing. Our current delivery time frame is 5-7 business days. (This does not include weekends or holidays)
Our carriers are experiencing significant delays due to nationwide COVID-19 impacts and tracking links may take several days to update. We understand this is frustrating and kindly ask for your patience as we do not control how quickly our carriers scans, sorts, and delivers your package.

It's possible your estimated delivery date through UPS has expired. It is likely your package was delivered to USPS and is awaiting scanning there.

If your package was sent via UPS and passed off to USPS for final delivery, you can find your new USPS tracking link by scrolling down to Shipment Details on the right-hand side. Access your new tracking number under Package Identification Code. Please see the screenshot below. Use this number to track via the USPS tracking portal.

If you have not received your order within the original shipping time frame of 9-14 business days, please email us at Our customer service team will get to the bottom of it!

As soon as your order is fulfilled, you will be emailed a tracking link. If you did not receive a tracking link or believe the wrong email address was entered at checkout, please email

We’re so sorry to hear that you never received your order! Please follow the steps below: Confirm that your shipping address is correct in your confirmation email.
Give us a little more time. Sometimes our courrier scans something as delivered before it's actually physically delivered. In some cases, it can take 1-2 business days for your shipment to appear.

Check with neighbors, housemates, areas near your mailbox, and/or mailroom, in case your package was received elsewhere.

Check your USPS tracking link for a notice of an attempted delivery. This notice will have instructions on the next steps you should take.

Contact USPS and use your tracking number to start a claim with them.

Missing packages are usually found within 2 days of delivery. If you’ve completed all of the steps above and still haven’t found your package, please contact us via email at! Our customer service team will make it right!


Oh no! We're sorry to hear that our products didn't work out for you. We do offer a full refund for online orders within 30 days of delivery. Products must have been purchased through our online store, and be in new, unused or gently used condition.

Please keep in mind: We do not refund original shipping charges. All gift cards and trial products are final sale.

To move forward with a return request, please email with your order number and the items you would like to return.

Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to exchange products at the moment! If something didn't work out, please email for additional assistance.

Regrettably, we are unable to accept online returns of new, unused for products purchased elsewhere. Please check with the original place of purchase for their return policy and feel free to reach out to if you have any questions!


We are unable to add items to your order because for privacy reasons, we do not store credit card information.

Removing items/change in address/change in payment:

Please email us at as soon as possible if you would like to make any modifications to your order, and we’ll try our best to process your request!

Please note that we’re unable to make changes to an order once it has been fulfilled.

Please email us at as soon as possible if you would like to cancel your order, and we’ll try our best to process your request!

Please note that we’re unable to cancel an order once it has been fulfilled.

There is something wrong with my order, how can I get resolution on this? We’re so sorry about this! Please email with your order number and a photo for reference, if applicable. Our customer service team will assist with making it right!


Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is accepted and processed.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Shop pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or money orders. Please note that VISA gift cards or cocokind gift cards must completely cover the total amount of your order, otherwise we can't process it.

Oh no! Here are a few things to check if your payment didn’t go through: Make sure that we accept the form of payment you are trying to use! Check that your card has not expired and that your card’s billing details (such as the security code and billing address) match what you’ve entered into our system. If you continue to have problems, please send screenshots of the error you are receiving to so we can help!


loyalty (club kind)

Yep! Club Kind - learn all learn all about it here!


Yes! You can add all our products within your subscription portal. Log into your account to find it!

Your subscription can be canceled at any time by logging into your account. Email our team if you have any questions.

When you subscribe to a product, you will receive a consistent delivery of this product at the interval of your choice. (1-3 months subscriptions)
You will be notified via email and payment will be processed with the card on file.

referral program

    Defined Terms
  • Referrer: you, a registered cocokind customer
  • Referred Customer: a friend or family member who has not previously shopped on before and to whom the Referrer shares their link.
  • Referral Link: a personalized referral link, provided to you by cocokind.
  • Referrer Discount: a promotional reward discount worth up to $5
  • Referred Customer Discount: a promotional reward discount, worth up to $5 off your first purchase on
  • Discount: collectively, the Referrer Discount and Referred Customer Discount.
  • For the Referrer
  • How to Earn a Referrer Discount: The Referrer may earn a Referrer Discount toward future cocokind purchases by creating a cocokind account and sharing their unique Referrer’s Referral Link via email or social media. The Referred Customer must click on the Referrer’s Referral Link and enter their email to claim the Discount Code. The Referrer will earn a discount once the Referred Customer redeems their Referred Customer Discount code on their first purchase on The Referrer can refer as many individuals as they want.
  • How to Redeem a Referrer Discount: The Referrer will receive their discount code via email. The Referrer may redeem their Referrer Discount Code by signing into their account and applying the discount code toward their future purchases on The Referrer Discount expires at 11:59 PM UTC, 30 days after being issued.
    For the Referred Customer
  • How to Receive a Referred Customer Discount: The Referred Customer may receive a Referred Customer Discount on their first cocokind purchase by clicking on the Referrer’s Referral Link and entering their email to claim the Discount Code.
  • How to Redeem a Referred Customer Discount: The Referred Customer will receive their discount code via email. The Referred Customer may redeem their Referred Customer Discount Code by signing into their account and applying the discount code on their first purchase on The Referred Customer Discount expires at 11:59 PM UTC, 6 months after being issued.

  • Discount Exclusions: Each Discount is non-transferable, not valid for cash or cash equivalent, cannot be combined with other offers. Each of the Referrer and the Referred Customer is responsible for any and all tax liability resulting from any Discount. Each Discount may be redeemed on only and may not be applied to any prior purchases, taxes, shipping and delivery charges, or toward the purchase of gift cards.

The cocokind referral program allows cocokind customers to earn promotional reward credits (“Reward Credits”) toward future cocokind purchases by referring friends and family to cocokind.

gifts and promotions

Yes! We have online gift cards that you can purchase here After purchasing, the digital gift card is immediately emailed to you. You can then forward the gift card email to the recipient or print it out! Please keep in mind that all gift card sales are final.
At this time, we do not have the capabilities to add a personalized message. Our team is working diligently to enhance this experience!

whole sale/distribution

For wholesale/distribution inquiries, please email:

you can find a list of all of the stores that carry our products in your area by going to the store link.and inputting your address. If you are looking for a specific product, we recommend calling ahead, as every store will have different items in stock.

Please keep in mind that Amazon sellers are not authorized, so we are not able to guarantee the authenticity of their products.
If you choose not to order directly from our website, we recommend going to one of our authorized resellers, like Target or Whole Foods Market. You can find a list of the stores that carry our products in your area by clicking here and inputting your address!

PR & partnerships

reusable boxes

Boox boxes may be returned via our network of Return Places throughout the U.S. There's no rush to return a Boox, as we encourage people to drop them off, at one of thousands of conveniently located return places, on a trip they're already taking. The Boox then comes back to us for refurbishing.

Boox refurbishes and disinfects every returned Boox to a “like new'' state prior to reuse. (Note: Boox makes no claims about the effectiveness of its cleaning and disinfecting process, particularly in preventing COVID or other illnesses.)

Booxes can be reused 10+ times before reaching "end of life" and being recycled. Once Booxes reach end of life, the material is easily recyclable and will be made back into more Booxes.

No! Booxes are carefully designed to eliminate the need for single-use packing tape to secure the shipment, increasing efficiency at the point of pack out while offering a more sustainable solution. Booxes velcro adhesive is industrial strength, while the closure tab is designed to receive a 4x6” shipping label to act as tamper evidence for the shipment.

Boox is made of lightweight polypropylene. This is an extremely durable, waterproof, tear proof, thermoplastic that can be reused dozens of times, and efficiently recycled back into the same useful material.

Currently Boox have Return Places in the Continental United States and the United Kingdom and will soon be expanding to Canada.