Mymatcha All-over Moisture Stick

lip balm + dry spot treatment




Cocokind's moisture stick hydrates dry lips and wards off the appearance of dark circles and puffiness with this nourishing, vegan moisture stick.

0.5 oz

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organic coconut oil - this vitamin E and amino acid-packed oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes skin

organic matcha tea powder - sourced from Japan, this antioxidant property-rich powder helps maintain skin's appearance when facing the elements

  • nourishes and treats dry skin at home or on the go
  • reduces the appearance of dark under eye circles and puffiness with matcha tea powder that is rich in caffeine

“this product is what first introduced me to cocokind years ago... i have sensitive skin and a topical allergy that makes it extremely difficult for me to find any products that won't irritate my lips. the my matcha stick has been my go to ever since i discovered it! no irritation whatsoever and it keeps my lips moisturized and feeling great. i keep a second stick on hand for my under eyes and the occasional dry spot. can't recommend enough!!”


Apply liberally to dry spots, under eyes, and lips.

how to recycle

  • peel off the labels, wipe out the interior, put the cap back on, and toss in your recycling bin.

Frequently asked questions

There are two main reasons behind the switch: 1) we wanted to be a completely vegan company - meaning no more beeswax, and 2) the former formula was prone to melting and we wanted it to be more stable in hot temperatures.

We know it’s not always fun to see your favorite products get reformulated, but the reasons to make the change were rooted in our mission to offer the best products we possibly can to our community.

We replaced the beeswax with sunflower wax, added sunflower oil and shea to improve stability, and increased the % of matcha in the formula. This was not a cost-cutting decision (sunflower wax is almost 2x the cost of beeswax!) and the price of the stick has stayed the same.