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sea grape caviar duo

vitamin c serum + glow essence

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Double up on nourishing sea grape caviar.

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  • kickstart hydration and improve absorption of the products you use next with our glow essence
  • protect skin against oxidative stress and promote a bright, even complexion with our vitamin C serum

“i swear nothing has made my skin as “glowy” as these 2 products! they are a dream team for my sensitive, dry skin- giving me a gorgeous and natural glow. my face feels so plump and hydrated after using this duo, i must be on my 4th bottle of each at this point! i can completely tell the difference when i am out of these products!”

sarah d.
  • Step 1: After cleansing and toning, spray glow essence directly onto your face and gently pat into skin with your fingertips.
  • Step 2: Gently massage or pat 1-2 drops of serum into skin. our serum is suitable for daily use, am and pm.

how to recycle:

Glow Essence - Peel off the labels, rinse out the bottle, and toss it in your recycling bin.

  • Unfortunately, the sprayer and cap are not recyclable due to their multiple material composition and small size, respectively.

Vitamin C Glow Serum - Rinse out the bottle and peel off the labels. *gently* pull the glass tube out of the dropper cap. toss the bottle and glass tube in your recycling bin.

  • Unfortunately, the remaining parts of the cap are not recyclable due to their small size.

how to use the sea grape caviar duo