introducing project sip: our *new* beauty beverages!

They’re finally here! After years of development, we’re thrilled to introduce you to project sip: our collection of vegan, certified gluten-free beauty beverages, designed to support beauty and wellbeing from the inside out. These drink mixes use unique blends of superfoods, adaptogens, and beauty actives to support body and skin health, while also bringing delicious taste to your daily rituals.

Priscilla, our founder and CEO, has made her own superfood lattes for years, mixing tons of different powders together to produce a single beverage. With our new beauty bevs, we make it easy for you! Simply mix a serving with your liquid of choice, stir thoroughly, and enjoy.

We’re excited to present you with three distinct flavors, each designed to fit your needs at a different point in the day. You can have all three throughout the day, but we recommend drinking morning mocha in the AM, sleep c tonic in the PM, and detox chlorophyll anytime.

Let’s dive in!

morning mocha latte

Start your day strong and radiant *without* experiencing jitters or a midday crash! Our morning mocha latte uses prebiotic chicory root to nourish and support your gut microbiome, while also delivering a rich, roasted mocha flavor. 

Our formula also uses ashwagandha (a staple in traditional Ayurvedic and native Amazonian practices) to help the body combat external stressors. It also uses antioxidant-rich maca and gingko leaf (commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine) and fatty acid-rich chia to promote radiance from within.

How to use: mix one serving with hot milk, nut milk, water, or coffee. Stir thoroughly and enjoy!

frequently asked questions

what does it taste like?

Our morning mocha smells and tastes like chocolate and roasted chicory, which has a natural, coffee-like flavor.

can I drink it in the evening or nighttime? 

We recommend drinking our mocha in the morning, as it was designed to help you start your day strong.

can I drink it on an empty stomach?


detox chlorophyll tonic

Perfect for when you’re feeling sluggish or need a “pick-me-up,” our detox tonic helps cleanse and refresh the body. Our formula helps promote body and skin health by supporting digestion, while also encouraging a natural glow. 

Our detox chlorophyll tonic uses a probiotic blend of digestive enzymes and good bacteria to support a healthy gut, while nutrient-rich chlorella and spirulina provide a chlorophyll and antioxidant-rich boost.

How to use: mix one serving with hot or cold water. Stir thoroughly and enjoy!

frequently asked questions

what does it taste like? 

Our detox chlorophyll tonic smells and tastes like fresh greens, lemon, and ginger.

is it the same as the chlorophyll mask?

Not exactly - our chlorophyll mask is a skincare product, while our detox tonic was formulated with digestive enzymes and intended for drinking. We encourage you to use both - the chlorophyll mask as a topical skin treatment, and the detox tonic to help refresh you from the inside out.

what is a “probiotic enzyme blend?” does this mean that I can drink detox chlorophyll tonic in place of a probiotic supplement?

Although this tonic is not a probiotic supplement, it does contain digestive enzymes that help support digestion! 

sleep c tonic

This calming tonic is designed to help you wind down, reset, and make the most out of beauty sleep. Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich dragonfruit and acerola help boost skin and immunity, while l-theanine, a naturally-occurring amino acid, promotes beauty sleep by helping relax and calm the body and mind at the end of the day.

How to use: in the evening, mix one serving with hot or cold water. Stir thoroughly and enjoy!

frequently asked questions

what does it taste like? 

Our sleep c tonic tastes like dragonfruit and pineapple!

can I drink it in the morning or daytime?

We recommend drinking sleep c in the evening or at the end of the day, but it is safe to drink in the daytime because it does not contain sedatives.

does it contain melatonin? how does it help with sleep?

No, sleep c tonic does not contain melatonin or any other sedatives, but it does contain l-theanine, which helps calm the body and mind.

general FAQ

are cocokind beauty beverages vegan?

Yes! And like all cocokind products, they are also 100% cruelty-free.

are cocokind beauty beverages gluten-free?

Yes! They are certified gluten-free (10 ppm gluten or less ) by the GFCO or the Gluten Free Certification Organization).

why won’t my drink mix fully dissolve? is it still safe to drink? 

If your beauty beverage has been sitting for a while, you may notice some powder settling to the bottom. Don’t worry - this is completely safe and normal. Simply stir it again before drinking! Some of the natural powders that we use (spirulina, chlorella, and dragon fruit powder, for example) tend to settle because they were not processed to be extra-fine. Furthermore, we decided not to add thickeners or gums to suspend these powders, so that we could deliver the simplest, cleanest possible formula to you.

are they safe to drink while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Like all of our products, our beauty beverages are completely nontoxic; however, the morning mocha and sleep-c tonic do contain adaptogens (ashwagandha, for example). As such, we recommend holding off on these while pregnant and always showing the ingredient lists to your doctor to confirm that they’re safe for you specifically.

storage and recycling 

We recommend storing your beauty beverages in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Our jars are made out of post-consumer recycled plastic that is designed to be recycled again after use. To recycle the jars, simply rinse them out and toss them in your recycling bin! 

Unfortunately, our single-serve packets are not yet recyclable - but we’re working on it! Our current single-serve packets are composed of materials that are individually recyclable - paper, poly, and foil. However, when these materials are bound together, they cannot be recycled. 

We are in the process of testing biodegradable films for quality and shelf life and we hope to bring you a fully recyclable version of our single-serve packets soon! Stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated as we work on this.

Now, back to the ingredients!

full ingredient breakdowns

morning mocha latte 

organic alkalized cocoa powder

Also known as “European style” or “Dutch processed” cocoa, this powder is obtained by pressing cocoa cake (produced from cocoa beans) and alkalizing it to neutralize the pH and remove its natural acidity. 

ricemilk powder

Made from cooked whole grain brown rice, this powder is rich in nutritional carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.

organic roasted chicory powder

This prebiotic powder nourishes the gut microbiome and provides a roasted, coffee-like flavor.

organic maca powder

This nutrient-dense adaptogenic powder, made with maca root from Peru, is rich in antioxidants.

organic chia flour

Milled from chia seeds, this flour is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids.

sea salt

Sea salt helps balance the flavor profile of this beverage.

organic cinnamon powder

Made from dried and cut cinnamon bark, this powder provides antioxidant benefits and a sweet and spicy flavor.

organic ashwagandha root powder

A staple in traditional Ayurvedic and native Amazonian medicine, this adaptogen is commonly used for its soothing benefits.

beta glucan

Made through fermentation, this fiber helps support metabolic and gut health.

organic gingko leaf powder

Obtained from steam-sterilized and milled gingko leaves, which are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine, this powder is rich in powerful antioxidants called flavonoids.

detox chlorophyll tonic

organic lemon juice powder

Made from organic lemon juice, this powder provides a vitamin C-rich boost and a fresh, citrus taste.

organic ginger flavor

Organic ginger flavor brings a naturally zesty hint of spice to our tonic.

probiotic enzyme blend (amylase, proteases, lipase, lactase, cellulase, l. acidophilus)

This blend of digestive enzymes and good bacteria helps support gut health.

organic spirulina

This antioxidant algae powder is a rich source of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and manganese.

organic ginger

Organic ginger soothes, comforts, and contributes to our tonic’s zesty flavor.

organic chlorella

This chlorophyll-packed algae is a great source of magnesium, vitamins, omega-3s, and antioxidants.

organic aloe vera

Obtained straight from the leaf, organic aloe vera is rich in vitamins and minerals.

sleep c tonic

organic lemon juice powder

Made from organic lemon juice, this powder provides a vitamin C-rich boost and a fresh, citrus taste.

dragon fruit powder

Bright pink dragonfruit powder provides a vitamin C-rich boost.

organic pineapple powder

This powder is rich in vitamin C and bromelain, an enzyme that digests protein.

natural flavor

Derived from plants and manufactured in the US, this powder brings a fruity, tangy flavor to our tonic.

organic hibiscus flower powder

Hibiscus flower provides a tart flavor and an antioxidant boost.

rice fiber

Made by grinding rice hulls, rice fiber helps support digestion.


This naturally-occurring amino acid helps you make the most out of beauty sleep.

organic acerola powder

Derived from the acerola cherry fruit, this powder is rich in antioxidant vitamin C.

organic ashwagandha powder

A staple in traditional Ayurvedic and native Amazonian medicine, this adaptogen is commonly used for its soothing benefits.

have you tried our new beauty beverages yet? we can’t wait to hear what you think of them! for more skincare and wellness info, tips, and tutorials, make sure to sign up for our emails below!