Meet: Wellness Expert Cathryne Keller, Associate Editor at Women's Health

This week, we’re talking to wellness expert, Cathryne Keller, Associate Editor at Women’s Health magazine! We were first introduced to Cathryne for a story she was putting together on what Kristin Cavallari keeps in her gym bag. Since then, we’ve been following her stories and getting inspiration on how to live healthily and happily. Want a special look into this editor’s wellness ways? Read on!

We love this in-depth article she wrote breaking down the truth about our eco-consciousness!


When and why did you start your healthy living journey?

Hmmm… I’ve been a wellness seeker for as long as I can remember—always gravitating toward ideas and voices that might help me reach my full potential, physically and spiritually. But I’d say two books I read in college influenced my health journey the most: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. A New Earth taught me what I consider the most important wellness lesson of all: That well-being of every kind starts with staying present. And Fast Food Nation opened my eyes to the health, social, and environmental consequences of the American deep-fried diet, which led to me to start being more critical of everything I put in—or on—my body.

This is one of Priscilla’s (our Founder) favorite books and what ignited her love for all things PLANT-BASED.


Describe a typical day at Women’s Health mag?

There’s no such thing as a typical day, really, which is what I love most about my job—never a dull moment around here. I’m usually doing some combination of interviewing experts and celebs, researching the latest food and wellness trends, and writing stories for the magazine and website.


What’s the craziest/most interesting story you’ve ever covered for the magazine?

I got to interview Julia Stiles to find out what she keeps in her workout bag, which was kind of a big deal since 10 Things I Hate About You was IT for me back in the day. I also wrote a story that investigated whether sparkling water is bad for you (it’s not—yay!), which I was personally invested in since I love an ice-cold La Croix–pamplemousse flavor, please.

Oh, and my interview with Kristin Cavallari introduced me to Cocokind, so that deserves a shout-out.

Why do you think it’s important to use organic products?

I say, the closer to nature, the better. I read new research every day linking certain chemicals or artificial additives to serious health problems, and going organic when possible is one way to protect yourself (if you’re fortunate enough to have access to organic products, that is). Plus, more consumer demand for natural goods will influence more companies to make the switch, so I feel like my cause is bigger than myself when I buy the pure stuff.


Favorite cocokind product and when you use it?

I love the Organic Rosewater Toner, but I think the Organic Matcha Face Moisturizer wins. I put it on after I wash my face at night. It gets rid of that tight feeling you can get after you cleanse, and my skin really soaks it up—it doesn’t sit on the surface like some moisturizers. Plus, it smells great (like coconut oil, not perfume).


What’s one healthy living habit you can’t live without?

Wearing sunscreen, hands down. If you want to look young and stay skin cancer-free, it’s nonnegotiable. I always put it on before I leave my apartment–even if I’m just dragging my groggy butt out of bed for a quick, early-morning run.


What’s one beauty routine step that you can’t live without?

A little brow powder. I now pluck as little as possible (after a self-staged tweezers intervention), so my brows are relatively full, but filling them in a bit gives them a more polished look.


Favorite girl boss role model?

This is a hard one—so many to choose from! I’d have to say Katharine Hepburn is up there, though. She spoke her mind, made her own rules, and wore the pants (literally and figuratively). My favorite quote of hers: “I was totally unaware that we were the second-rate sex.” Swoon. Plus she was my grandmother’s favorite actress, and my grandmother is my spirit animal.


Guilty pleasure?

I try to give guilt the boot in my life, but if we’re talking favorite indulgences, dancing it out to 90s and early-2000s pop and hip hop makes everything better. And not a day goes by where dark chocolate, in some form, doesn’t hit my lips. Oh, and sweet potato fries are a weekly necessity!