A Cocokind Day: San Francisco Style

We decided to step away from the keyboard and hit the streets of SF for some good, clean, fun.

San Francisco is chock-full of healthy activities, and as wellness junkies, we have a tough time staying away! We have the PERFECT schedule to assure that you have one magical day in SF. The best part? You (and your skin!) will be glowing by sundown.

From beauty sleep to a beauty-full morning…

Rise and shine! Give your skin a healthy wake-up call by rinsing off with cold water. The cool temperature sends blood rushing to your face, giving you a lovely, natural glow! Follow up with a few sprays of our Organic Rosewater Facial Toner (to really cleanse your pores), and hydrate with our Organic Chia Facial Oil. Last, but CERTAINLY not least… sunscreen!! We know those SF skies are normally cloudy, but you’re actually MORE likely to get burnt with a little cloud coverage! Our favorite natural brand? Always Goddess Garden.

Morning coffee? We know just thee spots.

Check out:

St. Franks in Russian Hill

Sextant Coffee in Soma

Craftsman and Wolves (our favorite) in Nob hill and the Mission

Cafe Reveille in Mission Bay

Seed + Salt in the Marina

Our favorite workout routine?

We’ve been scoping out the hottest fitness scenes in SF… and guess what? Mint Studios is where it’s at. Choose from yoga, pilates, and barre classes for your best workout. (And stay tuned, because we may just be hosting an event there in September…) Mint Studios is also available through Class Pass!

As important as a healthy beauty routine is, there’s nothing quite like the great outdoors. And just because you’re in a city doesn’t mean that there’s any lack of fresh air! Our favorite scenic spot? Land’s End Trail – of course. There are a ton of secret paths and photo-worthy views – so get exploring!

Pssst.. If you’re ready for a bigger adventure (and not afraid of heights!), venture across the bridge to Mt. Tamalpais.

And now, the perfect end to the perfect day.

Finish off the day right. Treat yourself to a Organic Chlorophyll Facial Mask and some order-in from Sprig (an amazing, good-for-you food delivery service). Or, if you’re more of the DIY-type, try out some of our favorite skin-healthy soup recipes!


 Have a favorite SF spot you want to share or scope out? Tell us about it in the comments below or @cocokindskincare!

-The cocokind team