8 ways to use our calming powder

Made with just four plant-based ingredients, our calming powder was created to help soothe skin and absorb excess moisture. That’s why we formulated it with an ultra-gentle, talc-free combo of organic arrowroot powder, chamomile powder, calendula powder, and aloe powder, all of which offer natural therapeutic benefits that relax and calm the skin. 

Though it makes a great baby powder, there are seemingly endless other ways to use it! Here are a few of our favorites: 

dry shampoo

If you’re looking to extend your time between washes, or just want to give oily or greasy hair some life, our calming powder makes a great dry shampoo. Simply shake a little into your scalp and hair, and tousle and massage until excess oil is absorbed.

Using our calming powder is also a great alternative to traditional dry shampoos, which typically come in aerosol cans. As convenient as aerosol cans are to use, they’re also known to release harmful compounds into the air, and have been linked to various environmental issues.

armpit refresher

A little calming powder under the arms will absorb excess sweat and moisture, reduce the likelihood of sweat stains, and help you keep your pits feelin’ fresh. You can read more about how to use cocokind on your armpits here.


A light dusting of calming powder brushed over your face will help eliminate unwanted shine, while extending the wear of your complexion makeup.

It can also help set your lipstick so it stays put for longer. Simply apply lipstick normally, and then lay a tissue over your lips. Use a soft, fluffy brush to dust powder onto your lips, through the tissue. Et, voila! The powder will help lock your lipstick into place by soaking up any excess moisture that might cause it to run or feather.

keep your sheets cool

If you find yourself sweating through the night, dust a little powder between your sheets before snoozing - it will keep your sheets feeling cool and comfortable all night long.

waxing aid

Treat yourself to a smoother, less painful wax (if waxing is your thing!) by dusting the desired area with calming powder right before waxing. The powder will absorb moisture or oil on the surface of the skin, so that the wax can get a better grip on your hairs - the result is a smoother, easier waxing experience.

mascara primer

Create the illusion of fuller-looking lashes by using our calming powder as a mascara primer. Use a q-tip to dust a little onto your eyelashes before applying mascara, and watch how much fuller and more voluminous-looking your lashes become. 

You can also apply a coat of mascara, apply a little powder, and then apply another coat of mascara for the same effect. 

chafing, be gone!

If you struggle with chafing while running or exercising, a little dusting of calming powder might just be the answer to your prayers - simply sweep a little over your inner thighs, or over any areas that chafe, to help reduce friction by, once again, absorbing excess moisture. You’ll find that your skin feels much more comfortable and much less irritated than usual after your workout.

sand remover

We’ve all left the beach and then proceeded to trail sand all through our cars, homes, or both - and it’s the worst! Next time, brush some calming powder onto sand-covered skin and watch how easily the sand brushes off. The moisture-absorbing capabilities of the powder save the day by soaking up the water or oil that’s keeping the sand attached to you.

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