Organization Members Get an Exclusive 10 Percent Discount


Enjoy more membership perks with this 10 percent discount from cocokind.

Here’s how it works:

    • Create an account on the cocokind website.
    • Once your account has been created, contact with your organization name for code activation.

Who is eligible?

You may be eligible for the discount if you are a member of one of the organizations mentioned below:

    • Environmental organizations
    • Animal-welfare organizations
    • Nonprofit organization for animal protection
    • Animal rights groups

If you are in an organization not mentioned above but are interested in the discount, please send an email.

How long will the discount code be activated?

Once your request is received, we will process and activate the unique discount code within 24 hours. We will send an email once the discount code is active.

How many times can I use the discount code?

You can use the discount code as many times as you want to with no minimum-purchase requirement.

Can this discount be combined with others?

The discount code can’t be combined with any other deals from cocokind.

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