cocokind shipping program

Thank you for your interest in the cocokind shipping program! We've outlined details of our program below:


Where can I buy the cocokind shipping program?

The cocokind shipping program can be purchased on here.


Is this an annual subscription that automatically renews?

Yes, our shipping program is an annual subscription that automatically renews. By purchasing this program, you will receive free shipping and our other perks for 365 days after you initially purchase. 

After one year and annually thereafter, you will be charged a new annual subscription fee ($45 annually) and you will receive a new program gift! You will be notified seven days, three days, and one day before the upcoming charge, and you can decline to continue your subscription at any time before it happens. If you do not cancel, we will automatically charge you for the annual shipping program fee and you will receive a confirmation in your email. We are not able to process refunds for purchases of our shipping program.

For example, if you purchased our shipping program on 11/5/19, your subscription will last until 11/4/20. On 11/5/20, your purchase will automatically renew for another 12 months, unless you have canceled this renewal before this date. You accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation. See below for “How do I cancel my shipping program subscription or can I receive a refund?”


How do I cancel my shipping program subscription or can I receive a refund?

 We will not be able to refund your initial year purchase of our shipping program (all sales are final). However, if you would like to cancel your subscription, you can do so by logging into your account before it renews and clicking “Manage Subscriptions”. From there, you can click “cancel”. 

Please cancel your subscription right before your renewal occurs, as it will cancel your current subscription as soon as you opt to cancel. 


Can I use my existing discount code on a shipping program purchase?

Unfortunately we are not able to apply any discount codes to our shipping program purchases.


How do I get free shipping once I purchase the shipping program?

As a shipping program member, you will get free standard shipping in the U.S. When you purchase our shipping program, you will be prompted to make an account. You will receive free shipping as long as you are signed into your account. Expedited shipping is not included in the shipping program, as it will cost more.

Your program is tied to your account login and password. You can use any shipping address to your heart’s content (US only) to get the free shipping!


Why can’t I purchase the shipping program in Canada?

We are currently not able to offer the cocokind shipping program in Canada. We hope to continuously work on this so stay tuned!


Will the shipping program include expedited service or discounted expedited shipping?

Unfortunately at this time the program only covers standard shipping. You will still have the option to pay for expedited shipping! Additionally, expedited shipping will not be discounted for shipping program members. 


How do I change my billing or shipping address?

Go to your account and click “Manage Account”. From there, click “Edit” to edit your card on file and billing address.


How do I receive the shipping program swag item?

Our current swag item is our special edition cocokind tote! This tote will be sent to your shipping address after purchasing our shipping program. Please be advised that we are currently only able to provide the cocokind tote as part of our shipping program.


I inputted the wrong birthday. Can I change it?

Please email with your name and correct birthday! Be advised that if you have already received your birthday discount, you will not receive another one for the year.


When will I receive my birthday discount and when will it expire?

You will receive your birthday discount on the date that you entered as your birthday. The birthday discount expires within 30 days. 


Will I be able to choose any product to trial?

We are only able to provide certain trial products that are in stock at the time! During the checkout process, you will be able to select an available trial item with every order in your cart. 


Can I get a discount instead of the trial?

The trials are a perk of this program! Unfortunately, we can’t provide any other discount, replacement, or alternative to the available trials. 


Can I transfer my shipping program to someone else?

No, your purchase is tied to your account information so we are unable to transfer that to another individual.