zits in weird places

It happens to the best of us. We’ve all woken up one morning and discovered a zit or a breakout somewhere...unexpected. If you’ve ever felt confused or alarmed by a butt zit, an ear zit, or something else of the sort, don’t worry - we’re here for you with potential causes and possible solutions. 


Bacne happens, and that’s okay! In fact, it’s quite common. The skin on your back is covered with pores, just like the skin on your face is - and those pores can become clogged, leading to breakouts and irritation. 

Often, bacne is caused by clothing - tight clothing or clothing made of synthetic, non-breathable fabrics can block pores by trapping oil, sweat, and dead cells against the skin. If you find yourself dealing with bacne, consider opting for looser tops, or tops made of lighter weight, more breathable materials. 

If you have long hair, you should also be mindful of the hair products you use - heavy, buildup-causing products can easily transfer from your hair to your skin, clogging your pores, and causing body breakouts. We recommend opting to use lightweight, sulfate-free, and natural hair products, especially on days where you’re wearing your hair down. 

It also doesn’t hurt to treat the skin on your back as you would the skin on your face - try applying our raspberry vinegar toner to any breakout-prone areas to help reduce excess oil and eliminate bacteria. Just make sure to let it dry before putting on your clothes!


Similarly, ultra-tight, non-breathable clothing can cause the occasional and unfortunate butt zit. The pores on your rear can become clogged by oil, sweat, and bacteria - to prevent this, we always recommend showering directly after working out or doing any intense physical activity (this will help prevent back breakouts too!).

If it’s too late, and the butt zit has already begun to form, try dabbing on a little of our turmeric spot treatment to help reduce the signs of inflammation. 


These zits can be among the most painful and the most unexpected. Your ears are full of oil and wax-producing glands; if these glands produce too much, the excess buildup can clog the pores in your ears, and irritate the skin.

If you find yourself struggling with ear zits, try taking your cleanser and toner all the way to your ears a few times a week, to help reduce buildup. It’ll also be helpful to take note of what your ears come into contact with, like headphones or headsets, and make sure that you’re sanitizing them regularly to avoid introducing new bacteria.


Interestingly enough, eyebrow zits can result from simply ignoring them in your skincare routine. Since the skin beneath your eyebrows is covered by hair, it’s fairly common to forget to cleanse thoroughly, tone, and moisturize that area, as you do the rest of your face. 

If you find yourself dealing with brow zits, consider whether or not you pay attention to those areas when doing your skincare routine - especially if you wear makeup there! 


Most of us have been there, and yiiiiikes. Armpit zits can be extremely unsightly as well as painful. Since the underarm area is obviously prone to sweat, the pores there are even more likely to become clogged and irritated. 

Again, we want to encourage you to always rinse off after doing any strenuous, sweat-inducing physical activities. You can also try toning your armpits once a day with either our rosewater or raspberry vinegar toner, to help get rid of sweat or breakout-causing bacteria.

We hope that next time you find an errant back, butt, ear, eyebrow, or armpit zit, you’ll understand where it came from and feel prepared to treat it. The big takeaway here is that zits in weird places (no matter how weird!) are totally normal, and that minor tweaks to your lifestyle and routine can help you handle them. 

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