how to: keep your skin happy in cold weather

Most skincare experts agree that winter is the worst season for healthy skin. When the temperature drops, humidity levels in the air drop, and dry winter air can strip skin of its natural moisture, leaving it parched and agitated. Turning on the thermostat at home doesn’t help the situation either, as it draws humidity out of the air, continuing the vicious cycle of leaving skin dry, dehydrated, or both. Dry skin then builds up on the surface, clogging pores, triggering excess oil production…and here come the breakouts!

Fortunately and unfortunately, all of this is normal. And it's important to remember that skin that's breaking out or irritated should not be treated more harshly in an attempt to remedy it. What you skin really needs in the winter is nourishing moisture and gentle care.

To help provide that, here are a few of our favorite ways to keep our skin happy in cold weather: 

1) use a gentle cleanser

Drying soaps and cleansers are even harsher on the skin when it's already dry. Instead, you'll want to opt for a more nourishing cleanser that will lift away daily dirt and grime without stripping your skin. 

At cocokind, we're big proponents of cleansing oils, which help nourish and balance your skin (even if you have oily skin!) while also removing makeup and impurities. Our cleansing oil is a great option - you can massage it into dry skin and remove it with a damp cotton pad, or with a few spritzes of rosewater on a cotton pad. 

For an oil cleanse that you can actually wash off with water, try our oil to milk cleanser. This rich oily jelly transforms into a milk upon contact with water and rinses easily away. 

2) unclog those pores

Dried out winter skin is often subject to dead cell buildup on its surface, leading to clogged pores and dullness. The best remedy? A gentle exfoliator, like our sea moss exfoliator! Our exfoliator uses ultra-fine particles to smooth away uneven texture and buildup, while also unclogging your pores and bringing back your skin's natural radiance. 

3) hydrate in and out

In cold weather, skin loses moisture through its surface layer, or the epidermis. To help prevent moisture loss, it's helpful to opt for an oil-based moisturizer like our chia facial oil or our golden elixir, to lock in hydration and create a protective barrier between your skin and the elements.

For even deeper hydration, prep your skin with our glow essence, which penetrates the top layer of your skin and improves absorption of all of the products you use after. Deeper absorption of your moisturizer = deeper, longer lasting hydration.

Finally, we’d recommend upping your normal water intake by 1-2 glasses per day.

4) boost your glow

If dull winter skin is getting you down, we recommend using our vitamin C serum to bring back your glow. Our serum uses nourishing sea grape caviar, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and sodium ascorbyl phosphate, one of the most gentle forms of vitamin C to brighten skin, even out tone, increase suppleness, and protect against environmental stress.

5) install a humidifier

We all need a little extra help sometimes! Investing in a humidifier can drastically help improve the moisture levels in the air in your daily environment. This is particularly important in your bedroom, so your skin won't lose too much moisture while you're sleeping.

6) apply sunscreen regularly

Don't let winter weather make you forget to apply sunscreen! If you didn't know, winter sun can be just as strong as summer sun, even if it's hiding behind clouds. Even if you're not laying on the beach all day, the sun can still damage your skin. 

Sun damage can cause a variety of skin issues, including age spots, discoloration, and fine lines. To combat this, we always recommend using sunscreen, all day every day. 

we hope you found this helpful! for more skincare info, tips, and tricks, make sure to subscribe to our emails below :) 



cocokind on

Hi Kathy! I’d recommend our golden elixir :)


Kathy on

Hi! Any recommendations on moisturizer for dry/dehydrated skin that gets hormonal acne? I use the oil to milk cleanser & raspberry toner and then feel tight and dry after


cocokind on

Hi Sarah! I’d recommend our skin butter :)


Sarah on

Do you have any recommendations for dry skin on your body, not just the face? I get particularly bad dry/itchy skin on my legs in the winter and would love some suggestions!


cocokind on

Hi Jane! Check out Goddess Garden, COOLA, or Suntegrity :)


Jane on

Do you have any recommended natural sunscreens? I prefer the mineral sunscreens but can’t seem to find one. I’ve noticed most of the best selling and popular sunscreens have the chemical sunscreens.

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