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Most of you know that I started this company out of a personal need - I’ve struggled with acne-prone skin since I was a teenager. When I couldn’t find anything that would nourish my skin and breakouts without stinging my skin or furthering inflammation, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start making my own formulas, using superfoods and plant-based ingredients.

What you don’t know is that I toyed with the idea of transforming my formulations into a real skincare company for years before actually taking the leap. It wasn’t because I was scared of starting a company; my hesitation came from feeling like I didn’t look like a typical beauty company founder. I didn’t have flawless skin; in fact, I had leftover scars, occasional small and big breakouts, and a LOT of mental insecurities when it came to my physical appearance. How could I start a company if I was scared to show people my skin? I didn’t feel like it was my place to start a beauty company because I didn’t feel like I had a place in the beauty industry. Every ad and every post seemed to feature perfect skin, and that wasn’t me.

Eventually, I realized that it wasn’t just me that felt this way, and that other people also needed a better example. This gave me the conviction I needed; I wanted to bottle up the products I’d formulated (which were really working on my skin!), AND create a brand that was a safe place for all of us to feel good being ourselves. Scars, acne, freckles, stretch marks, and all - we would show that this was normal and STILL worthy of acceptance.

We, at cocokind, don’t promote perfection. We want to meet you where you are, not make you aspire to look like or be something else. That means that as a brand, we set the example of accepting and showing our true, breakout-prone, or otherwise “flawed” skin, on social media and IRL. That’s the new “normal” that we want to achieve. Cocokind has been built based on our community’s feedback and needs, and we want to give the same mental and emotional support to you that you have always given to us.

On Wednesday, we asked and 52% of you said you don’t feel confident in your skin. I’ve been there, and I still feel that way from time to time. However, we want to help set a different example for you and show you, our community, off to the world - whatever you’re working with! Let’s aspire to feel amazing, being who we are, looking just like we do!

As such, we’re excited to launch our cocokind SELFIE CHALLENGE! Between today and Friday, June 28th, tag @cocokindskincare (on Instagram feed OR stories) in a selfie and use the hashtag #CKSelfieChallenge - we’ll be featuring some of YOU on a skin-positive billboard in *major* cities later this summer. It’ll look something like this:

Are you excited yet?! We’re calling for ALL skin types, no matter what “flaws” you might have - we want to see you glow, and we want to see all the things that make you YOU! So, get selfie-ing!

We cannot wait to feature you and continue to promote a positive, welcoming community...for all. If your photo is chosen, we'll follow up with more details. See you on a billboard very soon!


Priscilla, Founder and CEO



Daisy Cali on

I’ve struggled, for as long as I could remember, with eczema. I’ve used even the most expensive products but no results. I finally chose to go with organic products. This is the only product that I’ve gotten results. I use the mymatcha all over moisture stick and the turmeric spot treatment. I’m so excited to have finally find a product that actually works for me.


cocokind on

Thank you everyone for your kind words! Pamela- yes! Just email info@cocokind.com :)


Lyssa on

Awesome Cocokind! You never stop amazing me! As a person who suffers from hyperpigmentation from melasma and has been teased for the past several years, I definitely will be participating to show everyone flaws are beautiful and make us unique!


Colleen Travers on

I stumbled across COCO KIND on the internet a year or so ago. The organic label caught my eye, because I try treat my body like the temple that it is. I’m older and have spent way too many hours in the Florida sun and my skin showed it. Since using your products I have folks tell me quite often how nice my skin is.
Yesterday, I happened to see an acquaintance I have not seen in some time and her first words were “You look ten years younger then last time I saw you, what have you done.” I’m thinking she thought I had some “work done”. No, just COCO KIND!


Sapna on

Cocokind is saving my skin once again!

My daily skincare routine used to include a simple drugstore makeup remover followed by the cocokind cleansing oil, turmeric stick, and rosewater toner and my skin was starting to become brighter and clearer.
Due to my impatience and impulsive thinking, I thought I would go to Sephora and get some “good-reviewed” (and expensive) products to fasten the process of having clear skin. Little did I know, it would only worsen my skin! I switched back to Cocokind and my face is recovering again!

Thank you for keeping your products so clean and organic. I’m definitely back to stay forever with this brand!


Pamela Mooman on

The first time I tried a couple of Cocokind products, I was not sure about them and used other natural products for awhile. For the second time, I tried Cocokind products in a complete skincare system, and now they are helping my skin look vibrant, healthy, and moisturised.

I am not on Instagram. Is it still possible to participate?

I appreciate Cocokind’s authenticity as well as the great products.


Mardell Redd on

This is so cool!


Madeline Hudson on

This company continues to blow my mind. I have stuggels with acne for well over 10 years and it just kept getting worse as I got older. I tried everything under the sun to treat my skin and nothing worked for more than 2-3 months. I researched Cocokind and compared it with other skin care companies but it came out on top!! You are more consumer based aka focusing on us who are using the products instead of how much you can sell. That really stood out to me. I learned so much from reading the articles about skin care. This all brought me to Cocokind and once I started using the products I immediately saw a difference in my skin!! I hated looking at my face in the mirror and after 6 months I’m still so happy with the results I’ve had. My skin looks more even and cleaner. I love this company and everything you stand for especially the organic ingriendents!!! So many people have asked me now how I changed my skin and I just gave about Cocokind!! Thank you so much!


Abigail Hanson on

This is amazing! Cannot wait to participate and be among an inspiring group of women!


Melissa jacquez on

I am so happy and amazed by all you do at Cocokind. Your company has gone over and beyond for me and I’ve been using your products for the last 2ish years. I can’t wait to post a selfie even if I don’t feel confident. Thanks for inspiring us all to be our true self and wanting to share that instead of a cover up of fake reality!


Melissa on

I have to say that cocokind products are THE BEST facial or skincare products I have ever used. My skin has never looked and felt better. I read about your company/products in a beauty blog/article a couple of years ago and decided to put my toe in the water.

I always had problems with breakouts my entire life which is very frustrating, and on top of that mild rosacea. Needless to say, chemical based products always made things worse. What a wonderful and pleasant surprise to find that cocokind products actually worked and are affordable! I began with the cleansing oil, and have expanded and now use several of your products daily! Absolutely LOVE your products! So please do not go all corporate, get too big and sell out to a large cosmetic company waving cash in front of you…because what happens… the formulas and products will change, prices go up and your company is no more. So please stay true to your vision! And thank you for such lovely and wonderful skincare!


Brittany Skinner on

Wow this is so cool! One of the many reasons I absolutely love cocokind! I’ve gotten my mom hooked and I think secretly my BROTHER who is 17 and also struggles with acne. Thank you for all you do 🙌🏽

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