why everyone needs a moisturizer

You know your skin feels better after you moisturize; softer, more nourished, sometimes smoother. But do you know why it’s so important? Let’s talk about it.


Let’s start with the obvious: when skin is dry, moisturizers help nourish it. They also help heal dry or flaky patches. And perhaps most importantly, moisturizers reduce moisture loss in the skin by creating a protective barrier that keeps water from escaping. 

If your skin tends to feel dry, it might be because your skin doesn’t naturally produce enough lipid cells to lock in moisture on its own. So, the moisture is able to evaporate, leaving your skin dry, dehydrated, or both. That’s where moisturizers come in handy; to help seal in that moisture and keep your skin hydrated.

but I have oily skin - do I still need a moisturizer?

Skin of any and all types can benefit from a moisturizer! If you have oilier skin and skip moisturizer, your skin might react to its increased dryness by producing even MORE oil! Using a moisturizer suited to oilier skin can even help balance it out and make your skin less oily, not more.

and anyways...

Regardless of your skin “type,” anyone who washes their face should be using a moisturizer to help rehydrate and balance their skin after cleansing. 

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