what’s the difference between serum and essence?

It’s confusing, we know! Essences and serums both help deliver powerful active ingredients deeply into your skin. However, there are significant differences between them and how they work. Let’s talk about it! 


Essences, which gained popularity with the K-beauty movement, are thinner in texture than serums. They’re also usually formulated primarily to provide deep hydration.

Here’s how they work: essences are composed of smaller molecules than most moisturizers, oils, and creams, which allows them to penetrate the skin’s top layer and sink in deeper. As they sink in deeply, they create a pathway that other products are able to follow. Deeper penetration of your moisturizers, oils, and creams = deeper hydration and improved effectiveness of your routine! 


While essences focus more on hydration, serums target a variety of different skin concerns. Serums typically contain more active ingredients than essences, to help them address said concerns. They’re also usually thicker and more viscous in texture than essences. 

in your routine

Apply your essence, tap or press it in with your fingertips or palms, and then follow up with your serum! The essence will increase hydration, help deliver your serum’s active ingredients deeper, and your routine will be more effective overall. It’s a win-win-win :) 

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