What eye cream can and can't do

Skincare routines have become so elaborate it can be hard to pinpoint what steps will work for you. Take eye creams… aren’t they just expensive moisturizers? Do they even work? There are so many misconceptions about this skincare step so we’re here to clear them up. We’re breaking down what eye creams can’t do, what they can do and talk about who may benefit from having this step in their skincare routine.

Common misconceptions about eye cream

You may be thinking, why should I use eye cream? Isn’t it just a moisturizer at a higher price point? Well, you’re definitely not the first or last person who has thought this. While you can use many moisturizers around the eyes (like RPC), eye creams are designed to address specific eye concerns and formulated for the sensitive skin around the eye area.  

Okay so do I need to buy an expensive, luxurious eye cream in order for it to work? Nope! Luxurious and effective skincare doesn’t have to be expensive. Affordable eye creams can work just as well as expensive ones depending on their formulation. 

So you go and find yourself an affordable eye cream and now you think oh, this is definitely going to “fix” all of my eye concerns… Well, let’s talk about what eye creams can’t and can do so you know what to expect when working this step into your routine!

What eye cream can't do

Some people believe that eye creams can magically “fix” all of their concerns - fade dark circles, reduce puffiness, and get rid of fine lines & wrinkles. Unfortunately these expectations aren’t always realistic! 

Some dark circles are caused by your physical bone structure casting shadows around your eye area. Some eyes have natural fat deposits under your eyes creating a “puffy” look. All of these natural physical traits won’t be changed by using an eye cream. Additionally, deep wrinkles and fine lines that are already formed are going to be difficult to treat with topical eye creams.   

What eye cream CAN do 

Although eye creams can’t change some physical aspects, what they can do (generally speaking) is brighten, hydrate, and help prevent future fine lines and wrinkles.  Let’s look at the benefits of our Revitalizing Eye Cream. Formulated with oat extract and persian silk tree, this brightening eye cream delivers and locks in hydration while smoothing the area to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Using an eye cream with gentle exfoliation helps to stimulate cell renewal to brighten dull skin! Revitalizing eye cream contains hibiscus flower acids, a gentle source of AHAs to give that refreshed look. Keeping the eye area well-hydrated also helps to prevent premature fine lines. 

What makes the experience with Revitalizing Eye Cream even more special, is the hygienic metal applicator tip which soothes and cools the skin as you apply which can help reduce puffiness due to things like lack of sleep. (pro tip: for extra cooling effects, pop your eye cream into the fridge overnight or for a few hours before you apply). 

Who eye cream is right for?

Skincare routines are all about personal preference! Some people like to keep it simple and only use the basics, while others prefer to incorporate additional steps like serums or eye creams to treat various concerns. 

If you’re not interested in adding a new step into your routine or don’t feel that an eye cream is necessary for you, you can absolutely hold off and use the RPC all over your face (including the eye area)!! But it can be a good option for those of you looking to address specific concerns and are willing to add an extra step into your skincare routine!