What Does #REALSKIN Look and Feel Like?

This week, cocokind launched a #realskin campaign featuring REAL customers with REAL skin! The purpose? To celebrate skin diversity and talk about the difference between healthy and perfect skin. Everyone has their own unique skin traits (the good, the bad, and the oh-my-what-is-my-skin-doing-now). Issues such as dryness, oiliness, uneven skin tone, and hormonal acne can be super frustrating – we know. But our skin types are a part of our natural beauty. We believe any “issue” should be treated with LOVE, instead of being treated with ingredients that contain harsh chemicals and may be harmful to your overall well-being. Our Founder, Priscilla, went through this transition years ago and we encourage people to read her story about how she became proud of her #realskin.


Your best, healthiest skin is unique. Your lifestyle, diet, and genetics all contribute to your skin, making it 100% unique and still 100% beautiful. We want to help you embrace your natural skin and become your most beautiful self — from the inside out.

The #realskin campaign was all about individuals who found confidence in their natural beauty (with a little help from cocokind)! We believe in actually HEALING the skin, not hiding from it or covering it up. We strive to create products that are effective for ALL skin types and ages, as our #realskin customers testified. Let’s hear it from the beauties themselves…


“My #realskin gets these little dry patches that are extremely hard to heal. I actually love using the eye firming oil or even the lip balm for these spots. I’m able to then target these little splotches that can make me feel so insecure, without trying to overhaul my whole face!” – Molly

 “My #realskin could never get used to products with chemicals that are supposed to get rid of wrinkles or fine lines. I use the Matcha Face Moisturizer every night after I wash my face! I wake up feeling like my skin is youthful and glowing. I love that it works for my sensitive skin… instead of making my skin even more sensitive!” – Leticia


 “As someone who travels a lot, my skin is always really dry… especially my face. I started using the Organic Matcha Face Moisturizer after long flights (in addition to every night before bed) and I have noticed such a difference. The puffiness under my eyes has disappeared and my skin looks and feels refreshed – it’s incredible.” – Jess

 “My #realskin is 38 weeks pregnant, and I love using cocokind’s Organic Matcha Body Moisturizer on my baby belly. I bought it at first to avoid stretch marks, and now I love it because my skin feels super healthy.” – Sasha


“I use Cocokind because their products are made with the highest quality organic ingredients and I love the way my skin looks and feels. I am addicted to their eye serum! I appreciate that they are philanthropically minded and led by a team of socially conscious people.” – Celine


 “My #realskin tends to be oily. I used to carry around oil blotting sheets and use them constantly. I was surprised to read that I could combat oily skin with oil, so I tried out cocokind’s cleansing oil. It’s amazing to find something that actually fixes the root problem instead of just superficially or temporarily covering it up.” – Sierra

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos and shared their stories! You’re the reason that we do what we do. <3

-The cocokind team