We Love Animals at Cocokind!

Each year thousands of animals end up killed due to the cosmetics and body care products that we use. You may not be aware, but many everyday brands that we see in convenience stores test on animals despite numerous alternatives for evaluating cosmetic safety! The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the CSPC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) doesn’t require animal testing and the Animal Welfare Act does not provide any legal protection for the millions of animals that are tested. Rabbits, rats, hamsters and dogs are commonly used in toxicity testing, where they are forced fed and injected with massive doses of chemicals…NOT OK!

Interestingly enough, in Europe, which is the largest cosmetic market, animal testing for cosmetics is already banned, and the country does not permit the selling of any animal tested beauty products. “ Be Cruelty Free” is the largest campaign to end cosmetic animal testing, working with governments, companies, scientist and the public to create new legal reforms. At cocokind, we fully support their words: “Together, we can create a world where no animal anywhere is ever made to suffer for the sake of beauty.”

We love animals at cocokind and hope everyone takes the extra step to become educated on which products in their daily skincare routines are also CRUELTY-FREE!