Reusing Cocokind Containers

Recycling is extremely important to us, and we know it is to you too! We’re sharing our favorite ways to re-use your old cocokind containers (because why throw out something you can use again and again?).

When you all suggested we switch our facial products from plastic packaging to glass, we listened! Now, with your new packaging, we’re sharing our favorite creative ways to do more with less!

DIY Detox or Juice Shots

Detoxes are fun but hard to stick to! Not to mention – they can be super costly. With our sea moss exfoliator bottle, you can create your DIY shot at home! These are an easy grab-and-go item in the morning, and you won’t be paying $8 for them at your local juice shops.

Prep various elixirs in a larger container, pour them into your bottle in the morning, then take on-the-go! Pictured above, we mixed lemon, water, and cayenne pepper to create the perfect detox shot. Not only can you drink this as a shot, but you can also pour a little at a time into hot water for a detox tea (all day long)! The best part? You can fit it in your purse and reuse the bottle day in and day out!


DIY Perfume Bottles

Mixing your rosewater (or distilled water) with essential oils can make a lovely personalized perfume. I love adding lavender sprigs and lavender essential oil to water and spritzing my pillow with it for a calmer rest.


Succulent Spray Bottle

Succulents are perfect house plants because they require little maintenance. This makes them nearly indestructible – perfect for those of us who don’t have a green thumb. Fill your empty rosewater bottle with water to easily keep your succulents hydrated (and avoid over-watering)!

Hand-Soap or Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Buy your hand soap or sanitizers in bulk (since it’s less wasteful)! Then, transfer it to old cleansing oil containers for beautiful dispensers! Decorate them with some sharpie art, add trims, or leave them white to match any decor.

Mini Succulent Terrarium

Who wouldn’t want more mini succulents everywhere? I have turned one too many skin butter jars into mini terrariums (so I started gifting them)! Just add some soil, shells, and a sproutling and you’re good to go!


Hair Tie Storage

Remember those hair ties you keep losing? Stash them in this perfectly sized jar with your bobby pins and you’ll never leave them lying around again. Goodbye messy nightstands…hello organization.


Storing Liquid Supplements

Keep your liquid chlorophyll close (and always dispense the perfect amount) by storing it in our chia oil dropper! I also love re-using the dropper for things like ginger juice, which makes adding drops of ginger to dishes or detoxes simple.

Share your creative ways of how you’ve been re-using your empty cocokind bottles! Tag us on IG with the hashtag #cocokindreuse!