Toning 101 - Why Cleansing And Toning Important?

Toning is the second step in our three-step, never-ever skip routine: cleanse, tone, moisturize.Today, we’re talking about the importance of toning, and why we are such strong advocates for this step! Keep reading to find out how, why, and when you should tone. 

Why is toning important?

There are a lot of important benefits of toning – so, we broke it down into three simple bullet points for you.

Toning acts as the final cleansing step

Toners act as an extra cleansing step, removing all leftover impurities, oil, and makeup from the skin. Toning helps to pull out everything from the skin that your cleanser missed – and is also great for picking up any trace amounts of cleanser left on the skin as well. This will also help your skin better absorb moisturizers and other products applied topically!

Toning helps to re-balance pH levels

The barrier of your skin has a specific pH balance that it must maintain in order to stay its healthiest and clearest. Unfortunately, environmental stressors, over-cleansing, excess oil production, and other factors all mess with this balance, throwing off your pH and leading to dryness, acne, or excess oiliness. Using a toner, however, can help to restore that balance. Astringent properties, like those found in our raspberry vinegar toner (pH of 4) will reduce the over-production of oil and sebum, which often leads to blemishes. Furthermore, our rosewater facial toner has the same pH as our target pH for skin at 5.5, so it will help to balance the skin whether your pH is higher or lower than normal.

Toners add extra hydration and nutrients to the skin

By using a natural and gentle toner, you are not only double cleansing and restoring pH, but you are delivering instant hydration and anti-inflammatory properties! Toners can help add essential nutrients to the skin that protect it from environmental damage or everyday stressors that can be irritating. Not to mention, using a toner allows your skin to better absorb facial oils, increasing the penetration of these oils into deeper layers of your epidermis, so you are improving your skin’s ability to retain moisture!

Our toners – raspberry and rosewater

While both of our toners are suitable for all skin types – including sensitive skin – the ingredients in each contain specific properties with unique benefits! Find out which one is right for you – or, if you’re a fanatic like us, use both of them for different scenarios!

raspberry vinegar toner

Made of JUST fermented raspberries, this toner is more acidic with a pH level of 3.5, making it great for reducing excess oil. It helps to reduce the overproduction of sebum, which can clog pores and contribute to blackheads, whiteheads, acne, and other blemishes. This toner also helps to encourage circulation and healing of damaged skin, while providing antioxidants that help reduce inflammation! Suitable for all skin types, but especially useful for oily or acne-prone skin.

organic tosewater toner

Made with just 100% steam-distilled rose hydrosol, our Rosewater Facial Toner has the pH level of balanced skin at about 5.5, making it a great option for all skin types. It helps to reduce dryness and leave the skin refreshed while fully cleansing the skin and preparing it for day-to-day environmental stressors. This toner also doubles as a great makeup-setter!

How to use

Toners should always follow cleansing in your skincare routine, and should be used at least 2x a day! We find that the most efficient way to use a toner for cleansing is to spray it 1-3x on a cotton pad, and then gently sweep the cotton pad all over the face. This will help to pull out any impurities left on the skin after cleansing – and you should be able to see the dirt, makeup, and oil coming off onto that cotton pad! Keep wiping the skin until nothing else appears on the cotton pad.

More astringent toners, like our raspberry vinegar toner, should be used just 1-2x per day, and should always be applied to a cotton pad instead of directly to the skin to avoid any contact with your eyes. Softer, less acidic toners, however – like our Rosewater Facial Toner – can be spread anytime, anywhere. We spray our rosewater toner directly onto the face for a pick-me-up during the day, to set makeup, and after cleansing! We also love to mix this toner with our facial cleansing oil, any of our oil moisturizers, and our chlorophyll mask for added benefits.

We hope that this post helped to clarify any toning questions you may have had! Remember, our simplified 3-step routine is: cleanse, tone, moisturize. Toning the key that holds it all together.