Introducing The Colors: Cocokind Primer Drops and Facial Powders

It’s Not Makeup, It’s Skincare

We are so excited to announce our new product line: The Colors by cocokind! The Colors are NOT makeup products, they are still skincare. Each product is packed with superfood ingredients that nourish and protect the skin. They ALSO balance your complexion, blur any hyperpigmentation, and smooth over unevenness. It’s multifunctional skincare – and you know we’re big fans of anything that has multiple purposes!

The Colors are not meant to cover you up. Instead, they are designed to empower your skin with nourishing and dynamic ingredients. Our goal is to help bring out your most confident and natural self – something those of us who deal with long lasting skin issues (all types of acne, rosacea, etc.) struggle with.

We are launching The Colors with our cocokind Primer Drops and Facial Powders. Working seamlessly together, the Primer Drops prepare the skin for the Facial Powders, while our Facial Powders create a naturally “finished” look.

What are they made of? A combination of:

-Chia oil





-Rose Clay






So basically, organic superfoods + rose clay + non-nano zinc (over 100 nanometers particle size). That’s it. No other funky or typical makeup ingredients. All of the products are certified vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, and fragrance-free!

Let’s get more into the products!


Primer Drops: Use Post Moisturizing, Before Applying Our Facial Powders. Available in Light, Medium, Dark, and Green (For Red Undertones).

Price: $15.49, Size: 0.15 fl oz / 15 ml

Our Primer Drops are filled with organic superfood ingredients that feed the skin with essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Not only do the Primer Drops hydrate skin, increase skin cell generation, and protect skin from free radical damage, they also smooth over uneven texture (like large pores) and provide a beautiful satin finish to our skin. The Primer Drops also extend the wear time of the powders!

With four shade options (all of the light, happy medium, cool in the dark, and gone green), these tinted primers suit a wide range of skin tones, and are suitable for all skin types. Use “all of the light” for fair to light skin tones, “happy medium” for medium and olive skin tones, “cool in the dark” for dark to deep skin tones, and “gone green” to neutralize and calm underlying redness.

How to use: Our Primer Drops should be used after moisturizing. To use, shake well and blend 2-4 drops onto the skin to smooth uneven texture and help balance tone. Wear alone or follow-up with our Facial Powders for coverage.


Facial Powders: Use After Applying Our Primer Drops to Even Skin Tone, Compexion, and Hyperpigmentation. Available in Light, Medium, Dark.

Price: $18.99, Size: 0.35 oz

Our Facial Powders are packed with the same superfood ingredients as our Primer Drops, such as aloe vera powder, cacao powder, matcha tea powder, rose clay, ginger root powder, arrowroot powder, kale powder, and chia seed oil. Like our Primer Drops, these ingredients boost skin cell circulation, protect skin, and soothe inflammation.

In addition, the powders also even out complexion and hyperpigmentation, blur specific spots, and smooth over texture imbalances. Instead of covering up your skin with concealer and foundation – this is the SKINCARE product you’ll use to do just that!

With three flexible colors (all of the light, happy medium, and cool in the dark), these lightweight powders are sheer yet buildable. Simply add more layers for more coverage! Use “all of the light” for fair to light skin tones, “happy medium” for medium and olive skin tones, and use “cool in the dark” for dark to deep skin tones.

These versatile powders can also be used to highlight, contour, or add dimension throughout the face (Use the dark color to contour, or the light color to highlight!).

How to use: Dip the Ck Buki Brush ($17.99) into the Facial Powder, tap off excess, and apply onto the face for all-over evenness. To treat specific uneven spots, use the CK Detail Brush ($9.99) for concentrated areas.

The Colors are suitable for all skin types. The combination of the Primer Drops and Facial Powders make sure that your skin will not dry out or overproduce oil!

We hope you love theses products and feel empowered by what you, us, and they stand for. Thank you for all the continued love and support! Follow us @cocokindskincare for more tutorials on how to use The Colors and our skincare.

-Priscilla, Founder / CEO

Made by strong women in San Francisco.