Team Global: Olympics-Inspired DIY Skincare by Cocokind

Cocokind is taking you on a trip around the world!

To celebrate this Olympic season, we’re globe-trotting to find the best skincare ingredients from around the world! While all of our products are produced in the USA (in San Francisco to be exact!), we ethically source our superfood ingredients from around the world. This week, we wanted to explore the seven seas to find even more natural ingredients, new countries, and new ways to DIY your own skincare.

And how did we find new all-natural, skin-friendly ingredients? We turned to our favorite superfoods!

If you haven’t noticed – we’re kind of super-foodies.

From matcha green tea to avocado oil, our skincare line is full of rich and nutrient-dense ingredients. Our ingredients are so clean and superfood-charged that you can even eat them (and yes, we EAT our skincare products!).

We know that food plays an important role in every culture, and we wanted to showcase how beautifully diverse (and good-for-your-skin) so many countries’ unique ingredients are! After exploring our favorite dishes from around the world, we borrowed a few superfoods and applied them to our skincare routine.

We are so excited to share these globally-inspired, Olympics-ready, DIY skincare recipes with you. Stay tuned, for this week’s recipes!

Global Skincare Schedule of Events:

August 3rd: Mexican Chia Seed Oil Body Wash

August 4th: Thai Ginger Acne Spot-Treatment

August 5th: New Zealand Manuka Honey Bath

August 6th: Japanese Matcha Hair Mask

August 7th: Indian Turmeric Dark Circles Treatment

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-The cocokind team