shut (the kale) up!

A few days ago, we launched our sea kale clay mask, a product created in collaboration with Jeannette Ogden of @shutthekaleup. We were so excited to partner with a wellness influencer who aligns so perfectly with our brand, and who also happens to be our friend.

We sat down with Jeannette to talk a little bit about the mask we created together, our partnership, and what makes this mask so exciting. Read on for the full interview.

what inspired you to create this mask with us?

I’ve been a fan and user of cocokind for years - I have so much respect for their values as a company, and collaborating with them felt so natural. 

 I’ve also been on a journey to clean up my personal care and beauty routine for the past few years, and cocokind has been one of the rare companies that has really helped educate me on what clean means and why it’s important. They’ve made it so much easier to embrace clean beauty as a whole. 

Bottom line, I think that if you find a company that supports authenticity, makes good products, and helps you feel confident - that’s something I can really get behind.

in developing this mask with us, what ingredients were you the most excited about? 

I’ve always loved clay masks but hated the way they would dry my skin out, so I was so excited to hear that glacial oceanic clay wouldn’t do that. Of course we had to use kale too - we chose blue sea kale, because it’s full of antioxidants and it gives your skin this instant glow. We also decided to use cucumber seed powder because it exfoliates your skin super gently and leaves it really smooth.  

how does this mask make your skin feel?

It makes my skin feel SO soft. While I’m lucky to not deal with any severe skin issues, this mask makes me feel so much more confident in my skin and how it looks. I see immediate results, and am always impressed by how much softer and brighter my skin is.

why do you think cleanliness in skincare is important?

I think that as consumers, we deserve to feel confident that the products we use will be good for us, internally and externally. Over the years, I’ve come to understand that that’s not always the case with beauty products, which has really caused me to shy away from the industry in the past. 

 But knowing that there are companies like cocokind out there, who are creating amazing products made with good, sustainable ingredients, has given me so much more hope for the future of beauty. And cocokind is also super accessible, which I think is important - skincare shouldn’t have to be insanely expensive or unattainable to be good. 

what does living a clean and conscious lifestyle mean to you, outside of your beauty routine?

It’s so important to me to make decisions that I feel great about for myself, but also for my family. That applies to the food we eat, the products we buy, the businesses we support, etc. It’s all about feeling empowered, and feeling proud of what you support and what you consume.

I don’t feel like being clean and conscious is a mindset that you can just adopt and then it’s over - it’s more like a continuous journey, always trying to become more and more mindful of a consumer. For me, it starts with making decisions that feel good for me, for my family, and even for the environment.

besides the sea kale clay mask, what’s your favorite cocokind product? 

Right now, I’m loving the glow essence with sea grape caviar. When I was pregnant with Cole, I would spray the essence not only on my face, but also all over my belly and it just made my skin feel so hydrated and nourished. 

we hope you’re loving the sea kale clay mask just as much as we are! for more skincare info, tips, and tricks, subscribe to our emails below :)