how to use cocokind - a beginner's deep dive

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is how to build a skincare routine with our products. In this post, I’m going to provide you with some basic skincare routines to choose from on a daily basis (based on your skin's needs).

It’s important to note that we don’t believe your skincare routine and steps have to or should stay the same every AM and every PM. Your skin doesn't always need the same things - one week it may feel extra dry because you haven’t been drinking enough water or you've traveling a lot. Another week, your skin might look and feel extra dull from not getting enough sleep. It’s totally normal for your skin to NOT stay the same consistently. As such, your skincare routine should be flexible.

Skincare should be personalized to everyone’s specific needs. While this post and I am always here for you to provide guidance, our hope is that you’ll learn how your skin works with each of our products and eventually create your own routine.

That being said, we do believe in 6 basic skincare steps at cocokind:


So let’s dive into the options in our line for each one of these steps.



facial cleansing oil 

There are two methods in which I use our cleansing oil:

  1. Pump onto a cotton pad, swipe all over face. You can even add 2-3 sprays of our rosewater toner to help improve spreadability. (I use this method to remove makeup if I'm wearing it…no other cleanser is necessary after removing your makeup with this oil)
  2. Massage oil directly into skin for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then rinse off with warm water or a soft, damp cloth (I use this method mostly in the morning)

oil to milk cleanser

Another great cleansing option is our oil to milk cleanser. This cleanser is perfect for people who are new to oils or who want an oil cleanse that washes off easily with water. You can massage it into dry skin to cleanse and remove makeup. As you add water, it'll turn into a milk that you can wash off.

You can also try adding a little water before massaging it into your face. Whatever works best for you! 

sea moss exfoliator

I use this around 3x a week to keep my skin feeling smooth and to keep dead skin cells from clogging my pores. It's super gentle, so it won't cause micro-tears or irritation.



Toning acts as a second cleansing step, and helps remove residual dirt and makeup. It also prepares my skin for the next steps in my routine.

But the most important thing that toning does is balance the pH levels of skin, which means that it helps “normalize” dry skin, oily skin, and anything in between. Having a balanced pH is absolutely crucial to having healthy skin, which is why I NEVER skip this step!

rosewater facial toner

Our rosewater is the perfect gentle toner to use post-cleansing, to set makeup, or any time that your skin needs an instant refresh. Made with pure rose hydrosol, this toner helps to clean, balance, and hydrate the skin.

Two options for how to use this toner:

  1. Spray onto a cotton pad, swipe over face (I use this method 90% of the time)
  2. Spray directly onto face (I do this mostly to set my makeup or when I need a midday refresh)

raspberry vinegar toner

Our raspberry vinegar toner was designed specifically for oily or acne-prone skin, since it's great for removing excess oil! It has a slightly more acidic pH of ~3.5, which helps to lower high pH levels in the skin and reduce excess sebum.

Simply spray this toner on a cotton pad and gently dab all over oily areas (or your entire face!) 1-2x per day.



Since I am usually in a rush in the morning, I almost always save my masks and treatments for my PM routine. However, it’s totally ok to do this in the morning if you have time!

chlorophyll mask 

I use the chlorophyll mask at least twice a week. It’s a good week when I’ve done it 3-4x! Our formula is clean and gentle enough to use as often as you’d like.

Your face should be completely clean and makeup-free when you use this mask, so that your skin can soak up all of its goodness without interference. And it's great because you can customize it to your specific skincare needs.

Here are some things to keep in mind when using it: 

  1. Thinness/thickness - the amount of water you add to your chlorophyll mask will determine how thin and diluted or thick and concentrated it is. If you add more water, it’ll be thinner and if you add less water, it'll be thicker. If my skin is feeling dry, I always choose to add more water so the mask is thinner, and won't feel as tight on my skin.You can also just apply a thicker mixture to certain areas of your face (like wherever you just had a breakout) and a thinner mixture to the rest of your face.
  2. Water, rosewater, or something else entirely - the chlorophyll mask is meant to be a “just-add-water” mask. However, I love creating other mixtures by adding in non-water options. Sometimes, I’ll add in coconut milk if I’ve been traveling and my skin feels dry (coconut milk has incredible moisturizing and softening properties). Other options? Avocado, yogurt, rosewater toner (duh), our cleansing oil, our facial repair serum - the list goes on. You can totally get creative with our chlorophyll mask. Sometimes, I’ll add in a pump of our cleansing oil AND a few spritzes of our rosewater toner.

turmeric stick

Our spot treatment uses ginger, tea tree, and turmeric to help decongest pores and reduce the appearance of uneven tone. Leave it on anywhere between 20 minutes to overnight. If you do choose to use it overnight, just make sure to prep accordingly! It won't stain your skin, but it will stain fabric, which is why I usually lay a towel over my pillow before falling asleep.

turmeric tonic

Our turmeric tonic is our turmeric stick's invisible sister product - they have similar benefits, but there's a time and place for each of them. While our turmeric stick makes a great intensive mask treatment while you're at home or using the chlorophyll mask, the turmeric tonic is great for spot treating during the day, under makeup, or overnight without fear of staining your sheets. 

Both of these treatments help visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes and dark spots. However, when using the stick, you're more likely to notice visible brightening, and when using the tonic you'll notice the size of blemishes diminishing more quickly.

sea kale clay mask

Made in partnership with Jeannette Ogden of @shutthekaleup, this creamy clay mask purifies skin and leaves it softer, smoother, and more radiant. Our calming formula uses antioxidant blue sea kale to promote a youthful glow, glacial oceanic clay to reduce excess sebum, and cucumber seed powder to soothe and gently exfoliate.

resurfacing sleep mask

This mask is the clean, gentle, plant-derived retinol alternative you've been waiting for! Our formula helps soften the appearance of dark spots, uneven tone, fine lines, and premature wrinkles, while also locking in hydration and reducing visible signs of fatigue. I'd recommend using this product 2-3x per week to start and then ramping up to 3-4x as your skin adapts to it. If your skin is really loving it, you can even use it every night!

pore refining concentrate

This product, along with its sister product, texture smoothing cream, centers around skin-loving celery seed extract, which helps reduce the look of pores by supporting and firming the structures that hold them tight! Roll this concentrate onto targeted areas with enlarged pores or uneven texture - you'll see results immediately, and greater cumulative results over time.

revitalizing eye cream

This plant-powered eye cream uses Persian silk tree, hibiscus flower acids, and oat extract to reduce the look of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, and sagging. This product comes with a hygienic metal applicator tip (which can be removed for easy recycling) that immediately cools and soothes the skin as you use it. 



The right products can work as “boosters” in your routine, supporting your other products and bringing your skin to a whole new level of clear, bright, and glowing. Here are a few of my favorites.

glow essence with sea grape caviar

This is the new hero of my skincare routine! You can read all about the way essences work here but the short version is this: essences sink deeper into your skin than most oils or moisturizers can and also improve the absorption of any products you follow up with. 

In *essence*, a spritz or two of our glow essence with sea grape caviar can help you really get the most out of your skincare products.

Morning and night, I use one or two spritzes on clean, toned skin before following up with a moisturizer. I always feel a definite difference in how soft, supple, and moisturized my skin feels when I use the essence vs. when I don't!

vitamin c serum with sea grape caviar

Our serum's star ingredient is sodium ascorbyl phosphate, one of the most gentle forms of vitamin C. Basically, it allows your skin to enjoy the brightening benefits of vitamin C with less risk of sensitivity or irritation.

Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, which means it protects the skin against oxidative stress caused by UV rays, pollution, and the like. And the best part? Unlike other vitamin C products, ours is gentle enough to use day AND night.



I truly believe that moisturizing is the most important part of any skincare routine! We have five options for our moisturizers: facial repair oil, chia facial oil, watermelon hemp oil, matcha face moisturizer, and golden elixir. Here’s why and when I use each one.


All of our AM moisturizer options absorb into your skin super quickly, which is why I love using them in the morning. But that's just me - read on to see which moisturizer sounds like it'll best address your skin and moisture concerns. 

texture smoothing cream

Our first-ever cream moisturizer! Our texture smoothing cream offers lightweight yet nourishing hydration with a luxurious, silky feel. It uses celery seed to help reduce the appearance of uneven texture and rough patches, ginseng to rejuvenate and balance skin, and tskubaki seed oil to smooth the look of fine lines and wrinkles and protect against oxidative stress.

You can use this moisturizer on its own, or pat an oil on top of it to seal in extra moisture.

watermelon hemp oil

This lightweight dry oil offers nutritious hydration anywhere you need it - face, body, hair, or in your beard as a beard oil. You can even add a few drops to your bathwater for a winter-scented boost. Our formula uses watermelon seed oil to support elasticity and hemp seed oil to prevent moisture loss in the skin - it also absorbs almost instantly, which makes it ideal to apply before running out the door in the morning!

golden elixir

Our golden elixir is our second most lightweight oil. It has an extremely unique and balanced omega-3 and omega-6 composition; it's also rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E, which help nourish and rejuvenate your skin.

chia facial oil

The chia oil is my favorite moisturizer for when my skin is feeling dull or thin. Chia is one of the richest sources of omega-3s of all plants, providing deep but not overwhelming moisture. It helps soothe and de-puff, increase suppleness, and protect your skin against environmental aggressors.

facial repair oil

I love using this oil to help improve my skin's texture and tone, while also reducing visible redness. This nourishing blend of organic rosehip, coconut, and avocado oils helps promote softer, smoother, more supple skin.

PM (or AM and PM for dry skin):

matcha face moisturizer

The matcha face moisturizer is a deep, deep hydrator. It’s thicker than most facial oils, so I use it at night, when my skin has time to really drink it in. Because it's so thick, if I’m in the middle of a breakout, I'll usually reach for the golden elixir or chia oil for lighter weight hydration.

If you have dry skin, you might like the matcha face for both AM and PM. Since I have combination skin, I like switching it up between our moisturizers.


Other notes about our moisturizers:

-I love mixing a few sprays of our rosewater toner into our facial oils. I’ll put a few drops of our chia oil or repair oil into my palm, spray the toner in my palm 1-2 times, then mix the two and massage it into my skin. Adding rosewater to your facial oil really helps improve spreadability and absorption . You can even try mixing our rosewater into our matcha face moisturizer (in your palm) too!

-If you've never used oils before, I would recommend trying them at night first and then slowly incorporating them into your AM routine as your skin adjusts.



Sunscreen is absolutely essential to having healthy, happy skin! When used as directed, sunscreen can protect against sunburn, skin damage, and even premature signs of aging in the skin.

I recommend choosing a sunscreen that protects against blue light and pollution as well as UV rays, and wearing it everyday, regardless of if you're indoors or outdoors.

Even if you're indoors all day, UVA rays can penetrate glass and damage skin, while digital screens and indoor light sources expose your skin to blue light. You can read more about how blue light affects your skin here

daily SPF facial sunscreen lotion

Our clean mineral sunscreen uses non-nano zinc oxide, blue phytoplankton, and microalgae to protect skin against the effects of UVA rays, UVB rays, blue light, and pollution. We recommend using this every day, whether you're inside, outside, or both!

After moisturizing but before applying any makeup, apply a pea-sized amount to your forehead, nose, chin, and each cheek and gently massage in.



mymatcha all-over moisture stick

If you follow us on Instagram, you know I use this like 13095130 times per day. Morning and night, after I put on moisturizer, I apply it to the delicate skin under my eyes and on my lips to hydrate and nourish. In the middle of the day, I'll reapply it under my eyes, sometimes even over my makeup. Sometimes makeup comes off onto the stick, so I just wipe that right off – no biggie. I’ll just blend the matcha and the makeup under my eyes together by patting it in.

one-for-all balm

We like to call this the "better-for-you balm"! Most all-purpose balms center around petrolatum, which is incredibly unsustainable, or lanolin, which is derived from sheep's wool and often, not cruelty-free. Our balm uses a vegan beeswax alternative to offer water-resistant hydration anywhere you need it - hands lips, feet, cuticles, or any other stubborn dry spots. And best of all, 5% of every online purchase of this product gets donated to One Tree Planted, a nonprofit that (you guessed it) plants a tree for every dollar raised!

macabeet tinted moisture stick

This stick is perfect for a burst of hydration and a touch of natural-looking color. You can use it on your cheeks, lips, or both! If I’m wearing makeup, I’ll put this on right over it.

full brow balm

In the AM, this is usually my first “makeup” step after I’m done with my skincare routine. It doesn’t really matter what stage of your routine you're at when you put this on. I even use it at night, after cleansing and moisturizing, because the natural oils are super nourishing for your brow hairs.

eye makeup remover

I use a squirt of this on a cotton pad to take my eye makeup off at night. Since it's formulated with grapeseed oil, a natural astringent, it also helps firm up the skin around the eyes while it removes makeup.


So, now that we’ve talked about all of our different products, here are some skincare routine options that you can follow. I’ve provided many different options for the AM and PM because I change my routine up all the time, depending on how my skin is feeling!



Various AM Options
1) rinse face with water 1) oil to milk cleanser 1) cleansing oil massaged onto face, removed with a damp cotton pad 1) sea moss exfoliator 1) rinse face with water
2) rosewater toner on cotton pad 2) rosewater toner, spritzed directly onto face 2) raspberry vinegar toner on a cotton pad 2) rosewater toner on cotton pad 2) rosewater toner on cotton pad
3) turmeric tonic 3) glow essence with sea grape caviar 3) glow essence with sea grape caviar 3) turmeric tonic 3) glow essence with sea grape caviar
4) pore refining concentrate
4) vitamin c serum with sea grape caviar 4) vitamin c serum with sea grape caviar
4) glow essence with sea grape caviar
4) revitalizing eye cream, mymatcha on lips
5) revitalizing eye cream, mymatcha on lips
5) revitalizing eye cream, mymatcha on lips
5) revitalizing eye cream, mymatcha on lips
5) revitalizing eye cream, mymatcha on lips
5) matcha face moisturizer
6) texture smoothing cream
6) chia oil, golden elixir, watermelon hemp, or facial repair
6) pore refining concentrate and texture smoothing cream
6) chia oil, golden elixir, watermelon hemp, or facial repair
6) daily SPF
7) daily SPF
7) daily SPF
7) daily SPF
7) daily SPF
*matcha face in the AM is great for persistently dry skin or mature skin.


And for the night…

Various PM Options
1) take makeup off with cleansing oil on a cotton pad 1) remove makeup and cleanse with oil to milk cleanser 1) remove makeup and cleanse with oil to milk cleanser 1) take makeup off with cleansing oil on cotton pad 1) remove makeup and cleanse with oil to milk cleanser
2) rosewater toner on cotton pad
2) sea moss exfoliator
2) turmeric stick and chlorophyll mask 2) turmeric spot treatment 2) spritz rosewater directly onto face
3) turmeric tonic
3) raspberry vinegar toner on cotton pad
3) rinse off chlorophyll mask with water and use toner on a cotton pad to remove turmeric 3) remove turmeric with rosewater on a cotton pad and then spritz all over face 3) glow essence with sea grape caviar
4) glow essence with sea grape caviar
4) glow essence with sea grape caviar
4) raspberry vinegar toner on cotton pad 4) glow essence 4) revitalizing eye cream
5) revitalizing eye cream
5) vitamin c serum with sea grape caviar
5) revitalizing eye cream 5) revitalizing eye cream 5) pore refining concentrate
6) matcha face moisturizer
6) revitalizing eye cream, mymatcha on lips
6) pore refining concentrate + texture smoothing cream 6) pore refining concentrate and texture smoothing cream 6) resurfacing sleep mask
7) mymatcha on lips
7) chia oil, golden elixir or facial repair
7) mymatcha on lips 7) mymatcha on lips 7) mymatcha on lips
*This is my “staple” night time routine *You can exfoliate morning or night! I do it 3x a week at least. *I apply the chlorophyll mask anywhere between
2-4x a week.
*I use the turmeric spot treatment on specific breakouts or scars.  *None of our products don’t work with each other because of specific ingredients or anything. Feel free to mix and match!


It’s important to note that these are only options! You don’t have to follow all of these steps - you can add in other products, or choose not to use all the products I do. These are just my recommendations and they are FLEXIBLE.

Our skin is ever-changing and requires a constant and new evaluation for what it requires that day or that morning. The above are simply routines that work for me (and many of our customers who have provided feedback).

I hope you’ve found this post helpful. If you have more questions, of course my team and I are always around on Instagram DMs or at!

Thank you so much for reading!




cocokind on

Tatyana - hi! would you mind emailing and we can talk about a routine? thank you!


Tatyana on

Hi!! I have dry very sensitive skin and I have eczema and scarring because of my eczema. I also have really dark genetic under eye bags and they’re always swollen. Are there any products that could help with these problems of mine? Also at age 15 I’m noticing what look to be fine lines when I technically shouldn’t have any so what would you recommend for that? And finally I have blackheads on my nose and want to find a way to get rid of those as well! Basically I just want any products that won’t break my skin out in hives, eczema or make it burn. Thank you in advance!


cocokind on

@Jana – I’d recommend our oil to milk cleanser, raspberry vinegar toner or rosewater toner, turmeric tonic, texture smoothing cream, and daily SPF!


Jana on

I love this post! What specific products would you recommend for a basic skincare routine for sensitive and oily skin, prone to breakouts? Thanks!!


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Fernando on

Hmm it appears like your blog ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just
sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly
enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to
the whole thing. Do you have any tips and hints for beginner blog writers?
I’d really appreciate it.
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cocokind on

@Kita – we’d recommend our mymatcha stick for reducing the look of dark circles under the eyes! You can use the turmeric stick on dark inner thighs or underarms, but just be careful, as the turmeric will stain fabric. Hope this helps!


Kita on

Can you use cocokind turmeric stick on other areas of body to treat dark spots (such as dark under eyes, dark inner thighs, dark underarms, etc)??


Kita on

Can you use cocokind turmeric stick on other areas of body to treat dark spots (such as dark under eyes, dark inner thighs, dark underarms, etc)??


Jill Foster on

Thank you for all of the tips and information. It is very helpful! I love your products and that they are both natural and affordable.


cocokind on

@Jessica – so glad to hear that! We recommend using sunscreen after all skincare and before any makeup. The order you’re currently following is correct!

You can read more about what we look for in a sunscreen here:


Jessica Brown on

Hi there! I really love your products and am excited to get the new celery duo! One thing I’m unsure of is where I would incorporate sunscreen into this routine (and I would be the first to buy if you came out with some!). I have very fair skin that’s sensitive and burns easily, and I currently use Glossier’s Invisible Shield as the very last step in my AM routine. I do: cleanse, tone, serum, oil, sunscreen. Do you have recommendations that are different?
Thanks so much!


cocokind on

@Michelle – hi! Our sleep mask centers around bakuchiol, which is plant-based, much gentler than a traditional retinol, and much less likely to cause those side effects. Hope this answers your question, but feel free to reach it if not!


Michelle Attanasio on

Hi! I have been using your products so far and loving them!

I had a question about the sleep mask; I have used retinol in the past and had a horrible experience with it. It broke out my entire face (both sides of my cheeks and jawline) Luckily, it has all cleared and we are back to almost normal.

Is this retinol alternative sleep mask going to do the same thing and purge or react to my skin that way?

Thank you so much!


cocokind on

@Tere thanks for your question! Is the product you’re currently using a serum, a spot treatment, or something else?

Out of our products, I’d recommend trying our resurfacing sleep mask or turmeric stick to fade the look of dark spots!


Tere Lee on

I am using a product to treat my brown spots. Where in the routine would I use this? Do you have any products that would help fade them?


cocokind on

Hi @Liz – so glad you’re loving the products! When wearing the turmeric stick overnight, we recommend applying it directly after toner and essence, and then moisturizing the rest of your face, avoiding that area. Hope this helps!


Liz M on

Hello! I recently just got many of your products and am loving them so far. My turmeric stick is coming in the mail, and since I struggle with acne, I plan to wear it overnight sometimes. When I do this, however, do I cleanse/tone/moisturize (I’m using Facial Cleansing Oil/Raspberry Vin Toner/Golden Elixir) THEN put on the turmeric stick? I know I’d usually do it before moisturizing – but I’m assuming I’d just do it after, right before bed? Is that right? TIA!


sandy hernandez on

Hi I have rosacea,age spots and eczema I have used the product for couple of months and has helped me alot my red face that I had has gone down,but I have noticed that now I feel my face itchy can you help me with this thank you


cocokind on

Hi Emily – yes, you absolutely can! Allison – we have a blog post titled “a guide to using our products on acne-prone skin” that you might find helpful!


Emily Marga on

Do you/can you apply everyday makeup, like a liquid/powder foundation or concealer after all of this product usage in the am?


Allison Mazzarella on

I was hoping to get some help with my new adult acne. I have never had acne like this in my life and an having such a hard.time managing it. Would you be able to suggest a full routine for someone who is experiencing adult acne with combo skin? Help! I hear such amazing things about your products! Thanks in advance for any help!


cocokind on

Hi Ana! Either cleanser should work well for combo skin, it just depends on what your routine needs- the oil to milk cleanser is great for people who are new to oil cleansing and want something that’s easy to just wash off with water, instead of using a cloth or cotton pad!


Ana Carranza on

I am 34 years old, and have combination skin. I would like to know as far as cleansing, what would be best between the oil and the oil to milk cleansers?


cocokind on

Hi Shannon! You can use the facial cleansing oil to remove makeup and dirt at the end of the day and then follow up with the raspberry vinegar toner. We recommend toning twice a day to balance the pH of your skin, unclog pores, and keep it happy! You can then moisturize with the golden elixir or the matcha face moisturizer- the matcha face is perfect for days you’re feeling particularly dry.

You can use the sea moss exfoliator up to 4 times a week to improve your skin’s texture by sloughing away dead skin. The turmeric spot treatment is ideal for treating breakouts and hyperpigmentation and you can layer the chlorophyll mask on top of it for an added detox! Hope this helps!


cocokind on

Hi Rose! Sorry for the late response- we have clients of all ages! For mature skin, we definitely recommend the oil to milk cleanser, the chia facial oil, the rosewater facial toner, and the mymatcha moisture stick! Hope this helps!


Shannon Buckley on

I don’t know anything about skincare routines, could you guys help me? I have the facial cleansing oil, sea moss exfoliator, raspberry vinager toner, golden elixir, chlorophyll mask, turmeric spot treatment, and I think I have the matcha face moisturizer too. Any ideas of how to use these? I never had a mother figure or friends to show or tell me on how to take care of my skin and I’m sick of looking in the mirror everyday just seeing acne and marks everywheres. This is gonna be my first time using this stuff and I want to start slow.


Patricia Da Silva on

I am 56 years old, and I have to say this product line is absolutely amazing, I have never received so many compliments from my nieces and my coworkers and friends on how glowing my face looks since I started using this product line back in November 2018.

This line was recommended to me by my esthetician after discovering that just because a product states it is for sensitive skin, this is not always true.
I started with a sample pack of items and since then I have ordered twice to replenish items I love, the oil cleanser, matcha stick and moisturizer, chia oil and the turmeric stick for spot treatments are now my go to items daily

This is definitely a must try.


Rose Dusold on

My daughter-in-law has recommended your skin care line to me because she loves it.

I am 61 and was wondering if you have older clients? What specific products do you recommend for already aged skin?

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