Top 4 tips for makeup that improves glow without melting off or creasing

Makeup can be a fun way to enhance your features but even the most skilled makeup users can experience common mishaps such as patchy foundation, uneven eyeliner, or eyeliner that’s halfway down your face by lunch time! We know how frustrating this can be, especially when you’re in a time crunch. Here are a few quick ways to use skincare for better makeup application:

  1. Concealer creasing under eyes - use a liquid formula (not stick)!

When concealer creases under the eyes, it can give you the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve. If you struggle with concealer creasing, try applying a thin layer of eye cream under the eyes, or even mixing it INTO the concealer. This can prevent your concealer from caking and looking heavy, while also providing additional hydration to the delicate skin around the eyes. Pro tip: sometimes concealer “sticks” are less friendly if you’re trying to avoid creasing; we’d recommend going for a liquid formula if this is a top concern for you. If you find that your concealer is too thick which is causing creasing, you can also blend in some eye cream. Basically, your eye cream is a great tool to make your concealer the most workable for you!

  1. Patchy foundation or blush

If foundation or blush looks patchy after applying, your skin may not be properly prepped and hydrated. This is where a solid skincare routine can make all the difference. A properly moisturized base is the best primer and creates a smooth canvas for seamless face makeup application. Additionally, using a hydrating serum can provide an extra layer of hydration to your skin, allowing face makeup to blend more easily. This moisture and barrier duo is the perfect pair to prime your skin prior to makeup application. You don’t need to apply moisturizer evenly across your face - you can add more or less in certain places to help deal with dry or oily patches!

  1. Uneven eyeliner can be carefully fixed, after the fact, with a brush and ceramide balm

Applying eyeliner can be difficult. If you find yourself with wonky or uneven eyeliner, here is a super easy trick to “edit” what you have without starting from scratch. Apply a small amount of an oil-based product, like ceramide balm, to the tip of a flat concealer brush and wipe it along the uneven side to wipe away excess and sharpen lines. This eyeliner technique can help smooth out any uneven lines or mistakes, leaving you with a perfect winged eyeliner. 

  1. Makeup melts off your face? Set it with our rosewater before you run out the door

We love how many makeup artists use our rosewater spray at the beginning of applying makeup AND to “set” everything at the end. Our rosewater is gentle enough to be used as many times as you need, and as the water evaporates from your skin when it dries, it helps to set your makeup. Close your eyes, spray all over, and let it “set” for 10 seconds before moving on! Not only will this help set your makeup but it will also add a dewy glow - which is win win!

Ultimately, hydrated skin is always the best base for makeup, so next time you’re struggling with the application, try incorporating these hacks into your routine for better results.