prebiotic body scrubbing clay FAQs

Our new prebiotic body scrubbing clay was designed to go above and beyond your average body scrub. Created with upcycled coffee grounds (which minimize waste!), red clay, and prebiotic chicory root, this creamy scrub gently sloughs off dead cells while supporting the skin barrier, leaving skin silky-soft. Its detoxifying properties make it a good match for body breakouts, too.

Here, we get into the nitty-gritty details of our scrubbing clay.

when in my routine should I use the scrubbing clay?

We recommend using scrubbing clay in the shower after cleansing. Then, dry your skin and follow with a body moisturizer

can I use this on my face?

We don’t recommend it, since this is formulated specifically for the body! For exfoliation on your face, try the sea moss exfoliator.

is the scrubbing clay drying?

Nope! Scrubbing clay contains glycerin, which draws moisture into skin, as well as fatty acids and skin conditioning ingredients derived from olives.

what is a prebiotic, and why does it matter in skincare?

Fun fact: Did you know that your skin is home to an entire community of living bacteria? These millions of tiny organisms make up your skin microbiome, which acts as a protective barrier against invading pathogens. Everyone’s skin microbiome is unique, and keeping it balanced will help support healthy skin.

That brings us to prebiotics. A prebiotic is a sugar or fiber that feeds the good bacteria on your skin. Just like prebiotic fibers in your diet can feed friendly gut bacteria, prebiotics in your skincare routine can keep your skin microbiome happy. These prebiotics are often plant sugars derived from natural sources like chicory root and rice grains. A happy microbiome means happy skin!

What is the difference between scrubbing clay and other coffee scrubs?

There are a few differences. First, our scrubbing clay was designed to support the skin's microbiome, whereas harsher scrubs may impair it. scrubbing clay is also more sustainable than the average coffee scrub; our formula centers around upcycled coffee, aka repurposed coffee grounds that would have otherwise gone to waste!

What is the difference between scrubbing clay and sea moss exfoliator?

The scrubbing clay is a coarser exfoliant designed for use on the body, whereas our ultra-gentle sea moss exfoliator is a fine powder designed for use on the face. The upcycled coffee grounds in our scrubbing clay are larger in particle size than the grapeseed powder in our sea moss exfoliator. Our scrubbing clay also offers the cleansing and purifying benefits of a clay mask. We do not recommend using the scrubbing clay on your face. 

Want to use both on your body? Try the sea moss exfoliator a few times a week for a regular, gentle cleanse. Use scrubbing clay for a more intensive spa-like treatment in the shower. Feel free to use both, but remember not to double up on exfoliants in the same area on any given day, since over-exfoliation can damage your skin!

Can I use scrubbing clay on more sensitive areas?

Our scrub is safe to use on sensitive areas on the body but we recommend applying less pressure over these areas. 

Will the caffeine in the coffee have a negative impact on my skin or wake me up at night?

Nope! The caffeine in the scrubbing clay has a number of benefits for your skin like brightening, reducing signs of inflammation, and firming, but won’t impact you internally, so it’s safe to use at night without waking you up!

What skin types are compatible with scrubbing clay?

Our scrubbing clay is compatible with all skin types.

What is the pH of the formula? 

The pH of this formula is slightly above 5 (4.7-5.7), which is slightly acidic (a pH of 7 is neutral). Ideally, the pH of our skin is around 5.5-6, which is also slightly acidic. Read more about your skin’s pH on our blog.

Is scrubbing clay vegan?

Yes, and like all cocokind products, it’s 100% cruelty-free!

Is scrubbing clay organic? 

It is not certified organic. Read more about what organic really means here!

Is scrubbing clay gluten-free?

All of our products are formulated without gluten or peanuts!

Is scrubbing clay soy-free?

Our scrubbing clay does contain soy-derived ingredients. Since it may contain traces of soy protein, we do not recommend this product to customers with soy allergies

Is scrubbing clay safe to use during pregnancy? What about if I’m avoiding caffeine?

Our products are formulated to be effective yet gentle. Though our scrubbing clay is nontoxic, we always recommend showing our ingredients lists to your doctor to confirm safety for you specifically! Our scrubbing clay is also safe to use topically if you are avoiding caffeine internally. 

Is this product safe for people with KP?

Our products are not formulated for medical conditions, so please ask your doctor!

How should I store scrubbing clay?

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

How long does scrubbing clay last before it expires?

After opening, scrubbing clay lasts 12 months.

Is scrubbing clay available in stores?

Online only until further notice!

How do I recycle my scrubbing clay packaging?

The white cap is fully recyclable. Remove from the tube and recycle. The sugarcane tube sleeve is fully recyclable. Cut open the tube, rinse out and recycle!

Check out this blog post on how to dispose of all our product packaging.

we hope you’re loving the prebiotic body scrubbing clay as much as we are! if you have any additional questions, feel free to email or hit @cocokind with a DM on Instagram!