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A note from our CEO on our new formula facts + sustainability facts

Today, we’re announcing an increased commitment to change the status quo in the beauty industry. Many of you know my story of why I started cocokind - I dealt with a ton of skin issues and could not find a solution that worked for me. But what you might not know is that I toiled with the idea for years without doing anything because I felt like such an outsider to this industry. The beauty industry made me feel uncomfortable in my skin.

The reason why I ended up starting cocokind is that ultimately, I cared so much about creating a better underlying business and product than what currently existed. The things I cared about seemed unpopular: what was IN the bottle (not the bottle itself), sustainability, affordability, making customers feel GOOD, etc. 

Fast forward five years later, it feels like the world has caught up to what I care about, which makes me so excited for the future. But while the industry is making improvements every year, unfortunately, we still have so many old and new problems to address. I’ve also noticed that as our industry grows, there seems to be increasing confusion on what is real progress and what is just an empty claim.

We’ve identified some of the current problems in the beauty industry:

  • Using claims without transparency, substantiation, or third party regulation 
  • Acquiring customers through packaging, “wow factor” advertising, or aspirational images
  • Selling elitism and exclusivity
  • Using important messages (like skin positivity, sustainability, inclusivity, etc.) as marketing strategies without doing the actual work

The fact is: every beauty brand, including cocokind, has been guilty of one or the above, and we need to be better. Just like human beings, companies are not perfect entities and need to constantly evolve and self-reflect. I know that our consumers will give us the permission to learn and grow; and therefore, we have to humbly reflect on what we can do better in order to disrupt the status quo. 

In doing this reflection, we realized that so much of how the beauty industry operates is based on things being “the way things are.” For instance, why do we not share more information around our formulas when this could be extremely helpful and empowering for the consumer? We can do so much better than this! We have nothing to hide and that should be the standard, not the exception. Honestly, the risk of a competitor using our formula information is less than the upside that our customers will experience with more transparency. Furthermore, while our ingredients might be “copy-able”, our supply chain, research, and sourcing of our supply chain are not. 

Another thing we realized was that using claims like “clean” and “sustainable” no longer reflect all the work that we do. We can’t use these claims unless they are rooted in substance; this has become increasingly questionable as more products enter the market saying the same thing but not backing it up with actions.

We have no interest in hiding behind empty words and calling it a day. I’d much rather show you the work that we are doing, even if it’s “unfinished,” and bring you along for the journey. I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of brands to constantly improve and educate; this onus should not fall on consumers. 

To that end, we figured out two solutions to bring more substance and transparency to our products. We’re so excited to roll this out on our packaging and website!

Formula and Sustainability Facts

Formula Facts 

As we roll out new packaging throughout this year, you’ll start to see a new panel called “Formula Facts.” This panel will show you how we build our ingredients lists based on the building blocks of skincare formulations. Skincare formulas often feel like a black box, but it doesn’t have to be this way! We can all understand what’s in our products more to make the most educated choices as possible.

While we’re on the subject of formulating, we think it’s important to spell out our current formulating standards. These include (but are not limited to): 

  • Active ingredients are added at effective levels as indicated by manufacturer clinical studies
  • We heavily scrutinize each ingredient and the dosage used to ensure they are safe and ethically sourced 
  • We do not use unnecessary filler ingredients
  • We order our ingredients list in descending order, including under the 1% line, even though that is not industry standard
  • *UPDATED* We have never used any artificial fragrance but all essential oils are used at under 0.3% total in a formula (previously this amount was at 0.7%)
  • We are cruelty-free; in no part of our supply chain do we or our vendors animal test our formula or ingredients
  • All formulas are tested for no microbiological growth and stability over time to meet our strict specifications for product safety 
  • *NEW* All new products will undergo a consumer study with at least 100 participants 

Sustainability Facts

Another panel that we’ll be adding to our packaging is our Sustainability Facts panel. This is a  longer work in progress (over the next 12 months) as we collect and extensively research the information we need to measure our carbon footprint. 

You will see both of these roll out in our packaging throughout this year. As I mentioned above, this is not an end destination; we humbly accept that there is so much we don’t know yet about our carbon footprint, and we continuously evaluate our formulating standards. We might get things wrong along the way, but we are committed to being an example of a transparent, always learning, and more conscious beauty brand. 

Read more about how we determine Sustainability Facts here

We hope you’re as excited as we are to be a part of this movement in changing the status quo. You mean the world to us; we listen to you every day and are endlessly inspired by your values and actions. Thank you for continuing to support us as we evolve. 

With love, 

P, founder and CEO



Jill Klika on

I wanna do a consumer study omg 😎


Brittany Altemus on

Appreciate this so much! Thanks for keepin’ it real!


Rebecca on

I so appreciate this move! One of my friends from France told me that out there all products like these (ie hand cream, topicals, face cream, etc) have the percentage breakdown just as you are now doing. I like this so I know if a key ingredient is the strength that I’m wanting. This is so unlike other brands that I’ve used. Thank you!


Karen Nolta on

Love the formula packaging layout!!


Karen Nolta on

Love the formula packaging layout!!


Carol Lenzen on

Cocokind, You should be very proud of these new commitments! Your new packaging with all ingredients listed and instructions for recycling packs a “wow factor” for me. Thanks for all you do!


Melissa A on

This is paving the way for what other brands should be doing in this industry. Thank you for being transparent and more importantly for doing the work. Excited to continue supporting this brand!


HIlary on

I discovered your products about 3 years ago and have now purchased about 80% if your products and love most of them . I am happy when it’s time to wash my face at night and moisturize or to spritz on some rosewater because the products are so beautiful . The affordability makes this possible . I am continually impressed by your values and honesty . I loooove Cocokind !!!!!! Thank you !!!


HIlary on

I discovered your products about 3 years ago and have now purchased about 80% if your products and love most of them . I am happy when it’s time to wash my face at night and moisturize or to spritz on some rosewater because the products are so beautiful . The affordability makes this possible . I am continually impressed by your values and honesty . I loooove Cocokind !!!!!! Thank you !!!


Whitney on

This is incredible! I am so proud to support such a forward-thinking, honest company. I love all of your new initiatives and wish more companies would follow your lead. Thank you for all of the hard work and effort you put into being great. It does not go unnoticed.


Liz Kapuza on

I cannot wait for all the new information that will be coming out on all your products this year. I am so excited!,, And love all your products so much.

Thank you again.

Liz Kapuza


Pattyg on

Wow ashamed to say this transparency honesty thing is a big deal. It should be the norm, alas, it is not. Will your prices have to increase? Don’t get me wrong, I loved you for your products and clean ingredients approach to skincare before the new labeling and I will love you after. But unique packaging and clean ingredients can be expensive.


Brandi Palmer on

You are awesome! I love, love, love your products. I was skeptical at first to try them. My experience being the cheaper products are in price the cheaper the materials that go inside them. My acupuncturist posted on Instagram that she used coco kind products. That’s all it took. I started small, tried what I could buy at target and am amazed. Not only do you package with recyclable packaging but they are affordable and wonderful for my skin. I have excema and the sake body lotion is out of this world. Truly happy with this skin care line!


Raven Jacques on

Hit me up if you want me to participate in a consumer study ;) I love this brand so much


Carrie McCabe on

Thank You 🙏


Danielle Silva on

This is beautiful. I’m proud to be a customer of yours!


Drbra on

Putting it all out there ! Thats so great .
Coco kind can do that because they have nothing to hide
How many beauty company can say that ?


SR on

So glad that there will be more transparency. Love how you will be adding instructions on how to properly recycle. Hopefully, all the extra initiative doesn’t jack up the prices.


Linda McGee on

I love this new packaging, the details, and the work you’re doing to ensure full transparency with Cocokind. This is real innovation like I have seen before. Look forward to seeing more.


Elizabeth Jarrard on

Amazing work! I admire this leadership!!


Maddie on

This is such a wonderful thing to do!! As a customer, it makes me feel much more trusting because it showcases the raw facts! That’s something worth supporting!!


Delaney on

I am continually amazed by this company! I have loved every cocokind product I’ve ever used. It’s obvious this is a company that cares about what goes in to their products, but also the accessibility of their products. The quality is high, and I can actually afford it. I used to have to choose between quality and affordability, but with cocokind I don’t have to! hallelujah!

The new add of formula and sustainability facts further affirms why this is the best skin care and skin care company I’ve ever used. I knew I was going to be a cocokind “lifer” but now I want every woman I know to be a cocokind lifers too! Thank you, thank you for changing my skin care game for the better.


Bianca on

LOVE your mission, transparency, ingredient knowledge, and the new labels! I just placed my first order yesterday, and an excited to receive and use your products!


Melissa Dickey on

This is awesome! I have been faithfully buying cocokind products for a couple years now after switching over – not only have my major skincare concerns (breakouts, oiliness, giant pores) become non-existent, but I can feel confident when I shop with you guys bc of stuff like this! Your commitment to your community, transparency in ingredients and manufacturing, and your passion for your customers really shows through in everything you do – thank you!


Ericka Haqqi on

Thank you cocokind!! I applaud your movement towards transparency of ingredients and amounts used in formulas along with sustainability facts! I was interested in your products before but this really makes me want to support your brand doing the right thing, not because it’s required but because it’s the right thing to do!!! I am hoping more companies follow your amazing example!!


Michelle Green on

I hope more companies see this type of transparency and implement similar! This commitment can be added to the many reasons that go far beyond just the amazingness of the products that makes Cocokind one of my favorite brands!!


Shani Friedman on

I discovered Cocokind a few yeas ago and turned a friend onto the line too. Great products and company!


Dana on

I LOVE this! THIS is what I’ve been looking for in a more natural skin care line. This is a great company with amazing products. Thank you for your transparency.


Nicole Sanchez on

I love it! Thank you for adding how to recycle! That is such a great piece of information. I try to recycle properly but I was doing it wrong. Now I know!


Jennifer Carey on

My love for you just continues to grow more and more! Love this update, looking forward to seeing what else you all are cooking up this year!!


emily on

i love cocokind and everything you guys have done for us! i’ve never been comfortable in my real skin but cocokind has taught me so much and i can’t help but feel loved! i love the transparency and continuous effort put into cocokind❤️ such a great read and i’m happy to be apart of cocokind’s journey!

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