Turning The Tables: Why You Should Cheat The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry has many paradoxes. On one hand, many beauty products help give women a sense of confidence. On the other hand, the beauty industry has spiraled into this world that pressures us to strive for “perfection”, making it harder to feel good about being simply, ourselves.

On one hand, many innovative products come to the market every day. On the other hand, many products exist simply because a beauty company felt they could market it successfully, even though it may not be adding real value to consumers.

Have you ever thought about if it’s really necessary to use as many beauty products as we do every day? We use so many products that are just simple variations, or maybe even the exact same, as other products we use! We have eyebrow products that are the exact same products as eye shadows. Why do we buy both? Because they are marketed separately to make us think we need both. But do they both really add value in our lives? No.

I’ve always been a DIY and value-conscious shopper. I am a rational consumer that is looking for emotional, functional, and financial benefits every time I buy something. A product has to REALLY add value to my life – at a value that makes sense – in order for me to buy it.

When it comes to you and cocokind, I assume your standards for consumer/beauty products are as high as mine are. You’re looking for real value. What does our product do for you that no other products do? What return do you get from all the effort, time, and money you spend on cocokind?

Besides from our products being effective and at a price point that makes sense, I want to encourage you to do more with cocokind. Unlike most beauty companies, I want you to find more purposes for each product. If you can do three steps with one of our products, I’d rather sell you one product than three “eh” products. I want you to feel empowered as a consumer because you are getting all that value…….I want you to feel kind of like you’re cheating the system. Because the beauty industry has cheated us for a long time.

Some of my favorite multipurpose tips that you hear me talk about frequently are:

Organic Rosewater Toner: I use this toner to double cleanse my face, but I also use it to set my makeup.

MYMATCHA Organic Moisture Stick: I use this stick as a daily lip balm (it’s delicious), and I also have found it to be the most effective under-eye moisturizer.

Organic Facial Cleansing Oil: I use this to cleanse my face and take makeup off daily. At the same time, I love using it on my hair scalp to help dandruff and help me grow healthier hair.

Organic Full Brow Balm: My favorite and best example of multipurpose beauty. Our brow balm is a substitute for brow treatments, brow fillers, and brow shadows. One product that does three functions. No one can argue that that’s not a smart move for you! Real value.

The smarter we get about beauty products, the better we feel inside and the more empowered we are as consumers.

So words of wisdom from this beauty/wellness entrepreneur:

-Pick the right beauty products that help you feel more YOU and that give you a stronger sense of self

-Pick products that bring more real value into your life

-Have a HIGH standard

And while you can always count on cocokind, you should demand a high standard from other companies so that they have no choice but to give you more.

If you have any uses for our product that you haven’t seen me talk about yet, please let me know so I can share with the rest of us!