mad about lashes? our eyelash beauty hack

Falsies, anyone?

Eyelash extensions have become all the rage in the beauty market. The answer to short lashes has become naturally… unnatural fibers and glue.

We were concerned about the long-term effects of adhesives on our lashes. As we know, a common symptom of false lashes is that people’s REAL lashes fall out (along with their fake)! Furthermore, some of the adhesives used to glue on lashes contain formaldehyde, an ingredient which can cause bad allergic reactions in people (even causing your eyes to swell shut in worst case scenarios).

Here at cocokind, we love enhancing the look of our features, naturally. We took our Full Brow Balm and used it as a nightly lash mask to promote the appearance of fullness! With incredible ingredients, we believe our natural solution is much more sustainable and gentle. Give it 2-3 weeks and you’ll notice a difference in the appearance!

Nourish your eyelashes and eyebrows by using our balm at night. 


Our ingredients speak for themselves!

Organic Cacao Powder:

-adds a natural tint to any hair color, which promotes the appearance of fuller brows and lashes

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil:

-Provides deep and long lasting moisture 

-Adds a natural "gloss" 

Organic Castor Oil:

-helps the appearance of richer and fuller hairs

Organic Jojoba Oil:

-Effective emollient that seals in moisture 

Organic Beeswax:

-locks moisture into dry hair

-protects the hair and skin against environmental stressors

 How’d it work? Fill us in!

-The cocokind team



cocokind on

Hi Ash! The brow balm is better suited to treat and nourish lashes!


Ash on

Could this work with the hairline or hair as well?


cocokind on

Hi Helen! We recommend warming a little brow balm between your fingers and gently applying it to the base of your lashes, no wand or brush necessary. Hope this helps!


Michelle Marie on

I’ve got Hashimotos thyroid issue …… this brow balm along with my newly prescribed T3 and T4 I just might get my nice natural brows back 🙌 can’t wait to try it :)


Helen Loss on

How do you apply?! Wand or brow brush?


Ana on

Ok buying this RIGHT NOW!! One for me one fot my mom! 🙌🏼

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