cocokind x @shutthekaleup: special edition sea kale clay mask

It’s here! We’re so excited to announce the launch of our brand new sea kale clay mask, made in collaboration with Jeannette Ogden of @shutthekaleup! We’ve always loved Jeannette’s authentic approach to wellness, and the way that she inspires her community to find strength in vulnerability and balance without restriction.

Jeannette has been a fan of cocokind for a while now, and we were all excited at the idea of creating a product together. We loved working with her during every stage of the development of this mask - from determining the ingredients, to deciding the function of the product, to designing the packaging. Together, we created our dream clay mask. 

so, what does our dream clay mask do? 

Our sea kale clay mask purifies the skin, gets rid of excess sebum and oil, gently exfoliates, and reduces the appearance of pores, all without drying your skin out. And you’re gonna love the glow you see right after you wash it off!

Typical clay masks suck all of the moisture out of your skin and feel uncomfortably stiff, but our gentle formula stays comfortable and nourishing, even as it dries. Just apply it straight to your skin with your fingers, relax for 20 minutes, and rinse. 

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what’s in it?

We couldn’t make a product with @shutthekaleup without using kale! We chose to formulate this mask with antioxidant blue sea kale, as well as glacial oceanic clay and cucumber seed powder. In addition, we use other clean, naturally-derived ingredients that help make our formula safe and effective. 

And since we love to keep you guys in the know, we’re breaking down the full ingredient list below. Here’s every ingredient in our formula and exactly what it does in our mask:  

aloe barbadensis leaf juice (aloe vera juice)

Aloe vera juice, which is naturally packed with amino acids and vitamins, helps soothe and plump the skin, while also drawing in moisture.

sea silt (glacial oceanic clay)

Mineral-rich glacial oceanic clay, which we source from a remote region of northern British Columbia, helps reduce the appearance of pores, target excess sebum, and visibly smooth and firm the skin.

bentonite clay

Composed of aged volcanic ash, bentonite works as a powerful anti-pollutant. It also thickens our formula and gives it a velvety feel.

kaolin clay

Kaolin brightens skin, absorbs impurities and excess sebum, and contributes to our formula’s creamy texture.


This plant-derived humectant draws in and retains moisture, effectively keeping the clays in this formula from dehydrating your skin.

helianthus annuus seed oil (organic sunflower oil)

Fatty acid-rich organic sunflower oil replenishes and soothes skin.

stearyl and cetearyl alcohol 

These plant-derived fatty alcohols help soften skin, deliver actives, and prevent the ingredients in our mask from separating. They also helps thicken the formula and improve spreadability.

persea gratissima oil (avocado oil)

Antioxidant and fatty acid-packed avocado oil helps deeply nourish and moisturize skin.

glyceryl stearate

This plant-derived combination of glycerin and stearic acid, which is found naturally in the human body, stabilizes our formula, reduces evaporation, and allows for an easy, residue-free rinse off.

cucumis sativus seed (cucumber seed powder)

Antioxidant and protein-rich cucumber seed powder gently exfoliates, clarifies, and calms skin. It also contains vitamin E and linoleic acid which offer skin-renewing benefits.

xanthan gum

This natural, food-grade polysaccharide helps thicken and stabilize our formula. 

crambe maritima extract (blue sea kale extract)

Antioxidant blue sea kale extract supports and protects collagen synthesis, while also soothing the skin, reducing sensitivity, and repairing the effects of environmental damage.

tocopherol (vitamin E)

Vegetable-derived antioxidant vitamin E prevents oxidation in our formula, which allows our active ingredients to remain active.

caprylic/capric triglyceride

Caprylic/capric triglyceride gently moisturizes and replenishes skin.

salvia sclarea oil (clary sage oil)

Clary sage oil offers de-stressing, aromatherapeutic benefits, as well as a natural herbal fragrance.

phenethyl alcohol

This natural preservative, derived from roses and carnations, is so gentle that it’s commonly used in baby care products. It helps make sure our formula is safe to use for the whole shelf life!

caprylhydroxamic acid

This ultra-gentle amino acid works as a preservative, and is also commonly used in baby care products.

sodium dehydroacetate

This gentle preservative prevents the growth of microbes, bacteria, yeast, and fungus.


Finely ground quartz crystal has been used to soften skin and support circulation since ancient Egyptian times.

citric acid

Citric acid helps support the preservatives and maintain the pH of our formula.

cetyl phosphate

This mixture of phosphoric acid and cetyl alcohol emulsifies oils into water, reduces the size of the clays, and gives our formula a soft feel.

how to use

Apply a generous layer to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eyes and lips. Leave on for 20 minutes and gently massage off with cool water. Enjoy!

we hope you love our sea kale clay mask - we can’t wait to hear what you think! for more skincare info, tips, tricks, and DIYs, make sure to subscribe to our emails below!