Is Your Skin Really Ready for Bed?

Is Sleeping with Makeup on Really the Worst Thing? Yeah…Yeah It Is! Here’s Why.

We all know how important sleep is. It’s important mentally and physically…it’s important for our diet, it’s important for our skin. We know this already!

But did you know that getting your skin prepped for bed is just as important? Yes, we’re talking about the whole nine yards: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. We know – it’s a huge ask after a long day. The good news is: once you develop the habit, you WILL NOT be able to go to bed without completing your routine…we know from experience!

Between makeup, free radicals, the environment, stress, weather, STRESS, etc., we really do a number on our skin during the day. Thankfully, at night, our bodies go into regenerative rest. Our skin begins its repair work, where it generates a protective barrier that helps reduce the damage done. Your skin works to regenerate and renew any skin cells that need a little extra TLC. This is a huge gift we give ourselves every day…and we should never say no to gifts, just saying!

In order for our skin to do its repair work, however, it needs to work with a clean slate. It is EXTREMELY important to remove any excessive oils, makeup, or dirt before going to bed. You can’t expect an artist to go to work on a filthy canvas can you??

Without cleansing your face, you are not only foregoing a night of skin renewal, but you are clogging your pores, hanging on to a bunch of damaging free radicals, breaking down collagen, promoting fine lines and aging skin…I mean we could go on and on! We’re all human and it’s ok to do once in a blue moon, but persistently bad pre-sleep skincare routines can lead to early aging, increased acne issues, and long-term damage to your skin.

What do we recommend?

We use our organic facial cleansing oil at night. First, we massage it on to our dry skin, and then add some warm water to the massage. We then wipe it off with a soft wash cloth. Note: We use the wash cloth at night to really remove makeup and dirt, but in the morning, we are able to just wash off our cleansing oil with warm water.

We then use our organic rosewater toner. At night, we spray it onto a cotton pad and gently wipe this all over our face. We do this because 1) it helps to double, triple cleanse our face, 2) it balances our pH levels, 3) it helps to reduce our pore sizes, 4) it smells amazing! Don’t be alarmed at how much dirt comes off onto your toner cotton pad even after you cleanse. Like we said, our skin accumulates a lot of dirt during the day!

Once your face is squeaky clean, applying a natural oil moisturizer helps replenish your skin with nutrients. We recommend our organic facial repair serum, which includes organic coconut oil, organic avocado oil, and organic rosehip oil. All these ingredients scream “repair, repair, repair!” They complement our nightly regeneration cycle, instead of forcing regeneration through the inclusion of harsh chemicals.

For taking off heavy eye makeup and mascara, use our organic eye firming oil on a cotton pad. This oil quickly removes makeup, and it is an easy way to thicken up those lashes while firming up the eye area! You basically get three products in one, and save a lot of time too!

In summary, doing it the right way means that you wake up with fresh, glow-y, repaired skin every single morning. It’s the best way to start the day, and the work you put in at night is well worth it – take our advice!