Introducing Our Golden Elixir

We are especially excited to introduce the latest staple in our skincare line, sacha inchi oil — the key ingredient of our NEW Golden Elixir. Just in time for Valentine’s Day – our Golden Elixir makes the perfect self-care gift for any skin.

But first – what is sacha inchi?

Sacha inchi is a vine native to South America that has been harvested for its nutritional and medicinal benefits for 3000 years. The vine, which is a part of the Euphorbiaceae family, can grow up to three meters high, and flowers star-shaped fruits about five months after being planted. The fruits bear seeds which can be roasted and eaten, or sun dried and cold-pressed to extract the sacha inchi oil.

And now, let’s dive into the benefits of this incredible oil! 

Superior omega content

Sacha inchi oil has a significant 93% essential fatty acid composition. The breakdown of its essential fatty acids are 48% omega-3, 35% omega-6, and 9% omega-9. Application of these essential fatty acids hydrates and regulates skin, while helping to protect the skin’s barrier, improve structural integrity, and increase elasticity and suppleness. Additionally, topical application of omegas can help with reducing inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

Unique omega-3 richness

The omega composition of sacha inchi oil is unique, as most oils have a higher omega-6 percentage. We don’t tend to get as many omega-3s (think fish, chia seeds, nuts) through our diet, as the typical diet averages much higher in omega-6s (think vegetable oils, poultry, eggs, nuts).

Rich in antioxidants

Sacha inchi oil also contains vitamins A and E, which are powerful antioxidants that help fight free radical production, day-to-day damage and skin stressors, and inflammation. Additionally, sacha inchi oil contains carotenoids, which the skin uses to heal from the effects of sun damage. These characteristics make the oil great for maintaining a youthful glow!

Lightweight and “dry” oil

Oils high in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are often referred to as “dry oils” as they are thinner and lighter on the skin than those high omega-9. Sacha inchi oil is lightweight and easily absorbed, making it a safe choice for oily and acne-prone skin. While the oil helps to regulate sebum production, the topical application of linoleic acid (a form of omega-6) has also shown to reduce comedones (clogged pores!).

For people who are new to cocokind or just starting out with oils, this is also a great beginner oil to increase your skin’s tolerance for oil products. The oil quickly absorbs into skin so you won’t feel a residue layer!

Other ingredient benefits:

  • Sunflower oil helps to build a healthy skin barrier
  • Sweet orange oil is antibacterial and a refreshing tonic
  • Geranium oil is antiseptic and antibacterial and provides a sweet, floral scent

How to use:

After cleansing or showering, gently massage 1-2 pumps of our Organic Golden Elixir oil into the skin. To nourish hair, run the oil through with your fingers and then massage into wet hair before blow drying. Our oil can be used all over the face, body and hair in the AM and/or PM.


Our Golden Elixir’s unique omega and antioxidant content, while still being lightweight, makes it the perfect oil for all skin types. This oil absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving behind any heavy residue, and leaves pores moisturized and clear of impurities. Use this oil anywhere and everywhere for moisture, hydration, and nourishment!

We are so excited to welcome sacha inchi oil and our Golden Elixir to the cocokind family! We really believe in this product’s healing abilities, whether you’re oily-prone or acne-prone, an oil fanatic or a beginner. We hope you love it!