Beauty Destination: Indian Turmeric Dark Circle Treatment

Are your under-eye circles bringing you down?

Dark circles are as annoying as they are common, so don’t feel alone. They are usually caused by factors like lack of sleep, stress, or consuming too much caffeine. As such, the most healthy thing you can do for your dark circles is to do what Arianna Huffington says and sleep more!

However, natural and good skincare can also minimize dark circles. We love using our Organic Eye Firming Oil twice a day to help reduce puffiness, firm up the area, and lighten dark circles. In addition, we also love creating this eye mask that uses one of our favorite Indian-inspired ingredients, TURMERIC!

Our next beauty destination? India, so let’s spice it up!

You probably know turmeric for its bright orange color and distinctly bitter flavor in many Indian curries. In Hindu culture, turmeric is much more than a culinary spice. It has been considered the “spice of life” and was associated with the sun. It is also considered to be the spice of fertility and spiritual purification, and is therefore used in many Hindu rituals, such as weddings and rights of passage.

Turmeric has been used medicinally for almost 4,500 years. Ayuverda, an ancient form of Indian natural medicine (that’s still used today! so vintage!), promoted breathing in turmeric fumes to alleviate congestion, and ingesting the spice to aid with a long list of ailments, including headaches, IBS, and bronchitis.


Curcumin. Curcumin is the naturally-found chemical in turmeric that helps to decrease swelling and inflammation in the body, making turmeric an effective treatment for so many health issues (including dark circles)!

What You’ll Need:

-2 tsp turmeric

-a few drops of cocokind Organic Eye Firming Oil (which is GREAT for firming!)

-a small amount of coconut milk (the key for ultimate hydration)


The How-To:

1) Combine the ingredients together to create a bright orange paste

2) Apply to skin under the eyes

3) Let sit for five minutes

4) Rinse off with cold water (which also helps to reduce dark circles!)


PS: Use our Organic Rosewater Facial Toner post-rinsing. Rosewater is another natural remedy for under-eye circles, and will GENTLY add some extra toning to the skin around the eyes!

Repeat this recipe regularly for younger, fresher looking skin! All evidence of a lack of sleep or coffee addiction? Gone! (But seriously, sleep is the number one key to good skincare so get on it!).

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-The cocokind team