I Am: Grateful for Humor, With Actress Molly Mitchell

If you haven’t heard, we recently launched the Cocokind Impact Foundation as part of our mission to empower women through our business. We’re providing financial grants between $2,500-$10,000 to female founders in the health, wellness, and sustainability industries. In addition to the financial grant, we’re also providing our grantees with mentors – all leaders in the wellness industry. As part of our efforts to further empower the cocokind community, we’re also excited to launch our I Am: video series.

The I Am: series is all about featuring leaders. They are people who empower us, inspire us, and help us further our work to become even more of who we are. We’re featuring not only how they practice self care, but also how they empower themselves on a day to day basis. Today’s feature is on one of my close friends from college – actress and comedian, Molly Mitchell. 

[youtube id="b9l07x8jddc"]

Q: What does wellness mean to you?

A: Wellness is observing the space between how you want to be and how you are. Knowing and acknowledging that that space exists! For me, a big part of feeling well has been divorcing myself from this illusion of standards. Me and perfect me are never gonna be unified in the concept of perfection…and that’s okay!


Q: Could you walk us through your morning routine?

A: I start my day in a way that I think most people would consider torturous. I get up at 6:00AM or 6:30AM to give myself three hours of leisure. I make some coffee, go over to my favorite chair and read or write for a bit. Then I paint and hang a little more. After three hours of luxuriating, it’s truly time to rush out the door.


Q: How does your morning routine benefit you?

A: I think the reason why I choose to start my day the way I do is because it makes me feel like I have a sense of agency, in spite of whatever the rest of the day has to hold. As someone who is kind of constantly on the hustle and working my butt off in pursuit of these creative jobs, getting up for these three hours in the morning makes me feel like, for three hours, I’m a lady of leisure. Taking the time in the morning to spend it however feels truest to me preemptively curbs any attitude I have going into the rest of the day. I just trick myself that my day is completely my own. It’s quiet, it’s nice, and it’s cozy.


Q: You described to us earlier the idea of being “rich in time.” Could you expand upon that?

A: Girl, as long as I’m broke, I’m gonna be getting up and doing my leisurely routine. That’s where I get that sense of complete agency. One of my friends told me, “You’re not broke. You’re rich in time.” I was like, I’m gonna steal that, and pretend that I made that up. Thinking of myself as rich in time is how I stay motivated to maintain my morning practice.


Q: How do you ground yourself during your day, post-morning routine?

A: This is a good question. I wish I had an answer, because then I would be a pro at practicing it. Once I’m out in the world, honestly, I can be kind of a shit show. I think taking the small practices out there is important, like really appreciating the things and the people that are making me feel happy, as well as the things that challenge me. One trick that Priscilla taught me is that when I’m feeling like I’m lacking in luster, to just to spritz the Rosewater Facial Toner. I feel like it’s taking a little bit of my morning routine with me. It’s like having a little morning in my back pocket. It’s my secret weapon.


Q: You introduced a new hobby into your life at 29. Tell us about that!

A: I figured out that I was able and capable to paint…when I was 29! Think of all the things inside of you, all of the things you could be good at that you don’t know. It’s just crazy! You might be great at something, but it could be your self doubt that is keeping you from achieving something. Adult life skills are real… you can do it!


Q: Favorite cocokind products?

A: My favorite toner is the cocokind Rosewater Toner. My favorite on-the-go miracle worker is the small Golden Elixir, and my favorite miracle spot treatment is the TURMERIC Spot Treatment!


We hope you loved meeting Molly. Stay tuned for more features of inspiring leaders.