I AM: Modern, With Bob Cut Mag’s Anthony Rogers

Anthony Rogers started Bob Cut Mag as a college student. He noticed that there was a lack of editorial content directed toward his demographic – namely, young, creative, broke millennial. So, he turned that space into opportunity, and began creating engaging, relatable content geared toward millennials. We spoke to him about what inspires him, his beauty favorites, and his life in San Francisco.

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Q: What is the mission at Bob Cut Mag?

A: Our mission is to provide millennial denizens with content that relates to them. We’re not talking about the $300 prefix menu you need to try. Our readers are like, “I don’t have $300, I want to know a $7 burrito that I want to take a photo of for Instagram. Or a stupid guide about where to go pee in SF unconventionally.” We make content that’s funny, that’s off the beaten path, that’s not too high brow.


Q: How do you find empowerment through your work at Bob Cut Mag?

A: It’s so empowering to meet people who I’ve never met before, but they love the brand so much that they can recite issues back to me and spur conversations about what we’ve written about. For me, to provide knowledge to somebody in that capacity is very empowering.


Q: What do you hope your readers take away after reading your content?

A: It kind of lies in the name – Bob Cut. When women cut their hair from really long to really short, it’s this feeling of a breath of fresh air, being renewed, that you can take on the world because there’s not all this weight on you. That’s what I hope that people feel when they read Bob Cut. I hope that they feel there’s very fresh content being delivered to them, and that they can take a little piece of knowledge and run with it.


Q: How do you practice self-care in your busy schedule? 

A: My work day starts at 8am with my laptop in my bed. When I’m working, I need the self-care to be around me. I light a lot of candles, block out the light, and create the mood around me to feel more luxurious. Those are the small inklings of self-care for me, as it’s hard to block off the time. I need the elements of self-care around me always to ease my tension.


Q: What are your top 5 skincare products? 

The first one that I reach for all the time is the cocokind Ultra Chlorophyll Mask. It is saving grace for when I feel like my skin is its worst. That is a ride or die type of product! The second one I really love is the Even Prime moisturizer. They have great ingredients for modern male skin. The next product I love for when I wash my hair – let’s call this scalp care – is the Reverie hair milk. The MYMATCHA Moisture Stick is my main multi-tasker. I throw that on for everything and massage until the product is soaked into my skin. Finally, this is new to me, but it’s the Paradox Marrakesh Liquid Gold. 

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