How to: Treat Skin Before and After Working Out

Whether daily AM runs are routine or not, today we have tips on how to prep and treat the skin before, after, and during any workout (indoors or out!). So for all those who like to get their sweat on, this post is for you!




The first, but vital step, is your initial cleanse. If you tend to wear makeup, this step is especially important to protect from future breakouts. While you sweat, your pores are more absorbent to what's on your skin. If you're wearing a medium to heavy layer of makeup, the combination of this with sweat and oil can easily clog your pores. To ensure you skin is fully clean and prepped, we recommend the use of our Facial Cleansing Oil. Not only does this product break down makeup, but also gently cleanses the skin, which makes it perfect for repeated use throughout the day! Massage it onto dry skin and remove it with a soft, damp cloth, or a cotton pad. 



Next, use a splash of toner to ensure there's no trace of makeup or product left on the skin. Using our Rosewater Toner is the best option for this as it is gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It's also soothing, which can also help prevent excess redness from your workout. 


Moisturize and Protect

To prevent the possibility of blocked pores, we recommend using half of the normal amount of our Golden Elixir. This light, easily absorbed oil won't drip off mid-workout and will provide much needed hydration to the skin. If you're heading outdoors, don't forget to protect your skin with SPF. We recommend Green Goddess or Coola Suncare to fight off harsh UV rays.


During Your Workout

The number one tip we can offer is please, please do not touch your face when at the gym! This is especially important for when you're using cardio and weight machines -- frequently used equipment like these breed bacteria. This ends up being a quick way to transfer bacteria that create new breakouts; the less you touch your skin the better! And as always, make sure to wash your hands before and after you workout to prevent the presence of unwanted bacteria.



Use our toners to cleanse your face

Once you've completed your exercise, the first step you should take is to cleanse the skin and remove all sweat. Even if you're in a rush, do not skip this step! We love using our toners to cleanse our face after working out, as they are quick, anti-bacterial, and pH-balancing. Either of our toners work post workout! 

While you should shower within the hour, if possible, the minimum should be to wipe down your body with a towel and tone the skin. Also, make sure to change out of your sweaty clothes to prevent irritation and breakouts.

If you suffer from body acne, the Raspberry Toner is a perfect option to cleanse and treat your face and body. Wipe down your body with a damp cloth, and then spray the Raspberry Toner liberally all over breakout-prone areas on your body.


Reduce Redness

After you work out, its common for the skin to be flushed and red due to the heat from exercise. In order to prevent the rise of dilated and broken capillaries that accompany age, you'll want to calm and soothe the skin.

To do so, start with cold shower or a splash of cold water on the face. This not only helps reduce redness, but also can aid in cell renewal. The movement from hot to cold has been shown to improve cell turnover and enhance the skin's regeneration.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

At this point, it's important to add hydration back into the skin. For this, feel free to use any moisturizer that caters to your skin type. Our lightest oils are our Golden Elixir and Raspberry Jasmine Oil, and we recommend our Chia Facial Oil for deeper hydration. For spot treatment and additional hydration, use our MYMATCHA All-Over Moisture Stick. With an easy application and deep hydrating qualities, MYMATCHA is perfect for your purse or gym bag.

In addition to topical moisturizers, hydration comes from the inside out! After an intense sweat session it's important to drink water not only to repair the body, but also your skin! This will prevent your skin from dehydration post workout, which can worsen inflammation. 


We hope today's post was helpful for all you gym rats and workout junkies! If you have any questions feel free to reach out at



Jade Castro on

I absolutely love your products. I had a really awful acne and I’ve been using your products for about a month and a half. My skin has never been so clear in all my life. In addition to using your products I have been using the chlorophyll mask in my water and I drink it daily. I feel like it’s helping me on the inside. I am so appreciative of the work that you are doing!


Jamelani Zulueta on

I was literally about to ask about how to use the product with workouts & this article definitely hit all the points! I have been using cocokind skin care products for about a week and I am in love! Slowly switching to using these products other than my usual ones from body shop. I can see myself using these products religiously & I was wondering if there are opportunities to be Ambassadors other than having to be located in San Fran.


Sadie on

When I run outside in the cold Chicago wind I layer up on the matcha stick to protect my skin from the brutal weather! Has been a lifesaver!!


Sully ortiz on

Love this artist! Very informative, easy, and to the point!


Christina Leong on

Hmmm.. one for bathroom, one in gym bag, another in my personal purse, and plus on my office table. I am looking forward to it. Clean and healthy skin and body. My body has been inflamed for so long. And it is time for healing, positive thoughts, great product, and empowering community!


Sara on

YES, a wipe would be GREAT!!!! Love every.single.product of yours


CaLee Zennamo on

This was so helpful!! I’ve been so impressed by this line of products and can’t stop telling everyone about them!! Please come out with a face and/or body “wipe” for those post gym sessions or on the go, quick makeup removal!!


Morgan Check on

So happy to hear your recommend the raspberry toner for acne on the body and face post workout. I’ve been using it for my back acne twice daily, and face before I work out. Another use for it!

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