How to: Use Our Highlighters Day to Night

Whether you’re obsessed with the MAI-LIGHT rosé, or the CHAGAGLO bronze, we’re here to show you how we like to use our highlighter sticks. No matter where you choose to apply, our highlighters easily glide onto skin and can be blended in with a gentle tap of your fingers, or with a beauty blender or brush for the smoothest effect!

Apply to general cheek area and get creative!

(Sonya, pictured in MAI-LIGHT)

Apply our CHAGAGLO slightly under cheekbones for a lifted and contoured look.

(Amanda, pictured in CHAGAGLO)

Blend into brow bone to draw attention to the eye and your brows.

(Eloyscia, pictured in SUNREI)

Apply to eyelids as a creamy and shimmery eye shadow.

(Jennifer, pictured in CHAGAGLO)

Glide on collarbones, shoulders, or other areas for an all-over luminosity.

(Eloyscia, pictured in MAI-LIGHT)

And let us know on Instagram how you use our highlighter sticks! We can’t wait to see your favorite ways to apply our newest collective additions! Check them out here!