A How-To: 3 Steps for a Skin-Healthy Home

At cocokind, we know that a balanced, stress-free lifestyle is key to creating healthy skin. While we know it’s not possible to avoid all forms of stress, we believe creating a happy and healthy home is integral to de-stressing.

So, beyond throwing out unnecessary distractions and Marie Kondo-ing your entire home, we wanted to throw out a few suggestions to get you and your home on the healthy-skin path.

1. Add some greenery

Horticultural therapy is becoming a buzz-worthy topic in the wellness scene. Caring for a “pet plant” can slow down your heart beat, promote calm breathing, and reduce overall stress. Try adding just one or two plants to start off with, or if you’re a green-addict like us, a few dozen won’t hurt! There’s something special and extremely rewarding about watching your plant grow (or maybe the extra oxygen in your place is going to your head). Either way, adding some greenery is sure to reduce stress and improve your skin from the inside out.

We also stick to this tip in our office space!

2. Get earthy.

We LOVE natural remedies for all things body – stress and skin included. Stones are a wonderful way to reconnect with the Earth and give your body some natural love!

For de-stressing, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, and Hematite are only a few of the stones known to help you breathe easier. Try placing the stones around your living room or bedroom, or holding onto them tight when you’re feeling out of it.

Our Rose Quartz and Rosewater Facial Toner, just chilling.

 3. Add salt! Yup, you heard us right.

Salt lamps are a beautiful way to brighten your room and your face! They are known to release negative salt ions that boost blood flow, improve sleep, and produce an overall calming effect – all important keys to beautiful skin. Not to mention, they’re gorgeous.

Adding these three tips while keeping up with your balanced lifestyle is sure to give you your best skin yet. Tell us any of your other favorite tricks for keeping a happy home in the comments below or @cocokindskincare!

-The cocokind team