How Expert Dr. Amy Shah Eats Her Way To Good Skin

In addition to taking care of your skin on the surface, we’re all about taking an internal approach to the skin as well! We wanted to know more about what nutrients are essential to your skin health, and if you can get the proper amount through taking supplements. So, we turned to the expert – Dr. Amy Shah, MD – for some of her go-to advice on what nutrients you need to be feeding your body every day – whether in your food, or through a supplement!
Dr. Amy Shah is a double board certified MD. She combines both Eastern and Western medical practices to help her patients reduce inflammation, improve gut health, balance hormone levels, and naturally increase their overall well-being. She has been featured on mindbodygreen, The Huffington Post, and the Dr. Oz Show. 
What daily nutrients are essential to skin health?
Skin health can really be boiled down to three basics: hydration, moisture and food based vitamins. I would say that 80-100 oz (that’s 10-13 cups!!) of water, high levels of green vegetables for their fiber, and healthy fats like avocado, whole nuts and coconut oil are key.
What supplements would you recommend to help combat acne?
The problem is that low levels of vitamins A, E, B and zinc have all been shown to worsen acne but adding them back through supplements is tough. Careless supplementation can worsen other conditions– for example vitamin E, A and beta carotene in large amounts lead to increased risk of cancer in some people! I think that the best strategy to combat acne through foods is eat more natural plant based fiber (to clear out old/excess hormones).

How important is it to purchase organic supplements?

More than organic it’s important to get supplements that are tested for heavy metals and contaminants. Too many supplements these days are tainted with heavy metals! I have one combo supplement with hormone balancing Ayurvedic herbs and I have them regularly test them for heavy metals and any unintended ingredients.

What daily nutrients are essential to gut health?

Gut health is all about the FIBER, WATER, and more importantly reducing the things that create gut inflammation (ie leaky gut) such as processed sugar, processed grains, chemical toxins.
How are skin and gut health related?
I truly believe (and the research is supporting this now) that the skin is just a reflection of inner health- especially skin health.  When your GUT is healthy, you will see it in your skin.
How does sugar impact your skin health?
Sugar is pro inflammatory, it greats inflammation in the gut and throws your hormones out of whack. First thing I do when people come to me with skin concerns is take out sugar- you would be surprised that things like granola, honey and gluten free muffins pack in the sugar.
We hope this post helps guide you in the right direction when it comes to taking supplements for skincare! As we mentioned before, eating right is such a critical step to good skincare. For more on our favorite foods to eat to help hormonal acne, see our post here!