how chlorophyll helps our mind, body, and skin

We all know and love our Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Mask. We use it 2-3x a week for our facial detox, and we love this mask for improving our circulation and purifying our skin. But why is chlorophyll so important and powerful? While we’ve heard about this biomolecule in our seventh grade science classes, we’re here to explain more about the different benefits chlorophyll has on our health.


What is chlorophyll?

When most of us hear chlorophyll, we think: this is what makes plants green! However, chlorophyll plays a much larger role in plants than we may know. It is one of the most important biological compounds because it uses carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water to produce glucose and oxygen. This gives plants the energy they need to survive. Chlorophyll is present in all plants, and it allows plants to take in sunlight and convert it to energy for photosynthesis.

Chlorophyll contains high levels of vitamins A, C, E, and K. It also contains folic acid, iron, calcium, and protein. Additionally, this biomolecule is a significant source of magnesium, which makes up the center of its cellular structure. The magnesium is extremely alkalizing, delivering oxygen to your tissues and cells.

How were we first introduced to chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll helped solve my chronic headache issue.

I was first introduced to chlorophyll because I suffer from these things called cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are basically like a condensed (but much more painful) migraine. They come with season changes, and bring excruciating pain that lasts for only 30-45 minutes. They come as quickly as they fade, so pain killers often don’t work in time. With no solution in sight to prevent or ease these headaches, two years ago, my holistic practitioner recommended taking daily magnesium pills, turmeric supplements, and liquid chlorophyll. That being said, if you suffer from migraines or cluster headaches, we always recommend consulting with your doctor!

Why Chlorophyll? Because chlorophyll helps bring oxygen to the brain and body. The issue with many types of headaches or migraines is that there is a lack of oxygen flow. Therefore, by consuming more chlorophyll, this can actually help PREVENT headaches, dizziness, and migraines. Sure enough, my cluster headache instances went down significantly after starting to take liquid chlorophyll. This is the only solution I’ve ever found to be effective for my headaches and migraines…and that speaks for itself!

This holistic solution is also helpful for people who are prone to altitude sickness. We would recommend drinking liquid chlorophyll (or our chlorophyll water recipe below) before climbing or entering higher altitude areas.

What other benefits can chlorophyll have for our health?

Because I had such success with chlorophyll helping my headaches, we started looking into just what other things chlorophyll could do!

Energy and satiation

Chlorophyll helps you feel satiated and provide increased energy. If you’re not into downing green juice because of the high sugar content, try drinking our chlorophyll water or taking daily chlorophyll supplements!


Carcinogens can be found in the foods we eat (as natural fungi or even toxins found in processed foods or meat). Carcinogens can also be airborne and come from pollution. These toxins are extremely harmful to our bodies and can even damage our DNA. Chlorophyll blocks these carcinogens by preventing them from entering our metabolism and damaging our cells. Even more, chlorophyll naturally binds itself with toxic metals to prevent your body from absorbing the harmful chemicals. How’s that for a detox?!


Chlorophyll delivers a significant amount of antioxidants to your body. These antioxidants prevent the oxidization of other molecules, which can stop free radicals from producing. Antioxidants also help reduce and slow down cell damage…creating healthier in-and-out skin!

Because of its antioxidant content, chlorophyll is purifying and helps the skin breathe. This is why we created our Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Mask, which is filled with chlorophyll-packed ingredients such as spirulina, chlorella, and wheatgrass. When you apply our chlorophyll mask, the antioxidants and cleansing properties sink into our skin cells, leading to healthy, detoxed, and supple skin.

Convinced? Here’s our favorite two-step recipe for bringing more chlorophyll into your life.

This recipe is perfect for quickly adding some extra chlorophyll to your diet. We love drinking this in the morning or before workouts.


-1 scoop of cocokind’s Organic Ultra Chlorophyll Mask



-Fill your bottle with water (almost to the top)

-Add one scoop of our Chlorophyll Mask to your water

-Shake until your chlorophyll water is consistently green and beautiful!



For other liquid chlorophyll options, we love Nature’s Way product that you can find at your local grocery stores or on Amazon! Enjoy!

-The cocokind team