My Favorite Superfood Beauty Hacks on mindbodygreen!

I really wrote a guest blog post on mindbodygreen on my favorite superfood beauty hacks! Read the article here and see my favorite tips below!

Raw Cacao Powder: Eyeshadow

I love using organic raw cacao powder as eyeshadow. With just this single ingredient, I dip my eyeshadow brush into the powder and sweep lightly over my eyelids. It’s the perfect hue, and I find that it stays much longer than traditional eye makeup. If I’m craving a bolder brow, I’ll also apply some of the remaining cacao powder from my eyeshadow brush to my eyebrows. After that, I always style my brows using our Organic Full Brow Balm—it contains cacao powder, castor oil, coconut oil, and beeswax. It’s the perfect balm to complete the natural, not-overly-done thick eyebrow look.


Arrowroot Powder: Translucent Setting Powder

Arrowroot powder is one of my favorite “face powders.” This powder is extremely fine, so when applied to your face, it smooths over pores and helps to mattify skin. I use a larger brush and sweep over my skin—just like I would with a mineral foundation powder! The powder is easily absorbed into any skin color and creates a dewy appearance. It also helps with absorbing any unwanted shine for those of us with naturally oily skin. When you combine arrowroot powder, cacao powder, and an angled brush, you get the best bronzer or contouring powder. You can determine the proportion of arrowroot to cacao based on your skin tone, and lightly brush over skin with an angled contouring brush.

Baby Powder: Dry Shampoo Substitute

Our Organic Baby Calming Powder doubles as an amazing dry shampoo! Containing chamomile powder, calendula powder, aloe powder, and arrowroot powder, our baby powder soaks up excess oil without drying out or irritating your scalp. You also won’t have to continuously apply—just one application in the morning will last you all day. If you want to make your own, try combining 2 tablespoons each of chamomile and arrowroot powder, with three drops of lavender essential oil and then transfer to a powder shaker bottle!

Rosewater Toner: Makeup Setting Spray

My favorite trick in the book is using our Organic Rosewater Facial Toner as a setting spray. After applying makeup, spray one or two mists of to keep your makeup in place while also helping to calm any irritations. Alternatively, get crafty.

  • Place any amount of fresh, chemical-free, rose petals in a glass bowl.
  • For every 1 firmly packed cup of rose petals, pour 2 cups boiling water over top.
  • Cover and steep until the liquid is completely cool.
  • Strain into a second bowl and squeeze the liquid from the petals.
  • Use immediately or store in the refrigerator.