DIY Beach Hair: Our Superfood + Salt Hair Spray Recipe

Craving a day at the beach? We’ve got your remedy in a bottle. Introducing: the PERFECT beach spray for your hair!

We wanted to recreate loose beach curls without unnatural, unidentifiable ingredients (looking at you, Polyvinylpyrrolidone). We figured that there had to be a way to use plant-based ingredients in our hair like we do in our skincare… and Mother Nature did not disappoint. This Superfood Salt Hair Spray will not only give you effortless locks, but it will actually strengthen and heal the hair at the same time! Impossible? Nope… just natural.

The ingredients (and why they matter!):

1 tsp Organic Facial Repair Serum

-Coconut oil provides deep moisture to the hair and works as an anti-dandruff preventative

-Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that benefit brittle, damaged hair

-Rosehip oil (the “repairer” in our repair serum) contains pro Vitamin A, omega-6 and omega-3, healing and adding shine

1 tsp sea salt

-Absorbs excess oil

-Vitamins and minerals add natural volume and softness

2 tsp coconut sugar

-Dries quickly with no sticky residue

-No chemicals, fragrances, or additives

-Does not dry out hair like normal sprays

1 cup water

-Come on… water is life.


1) Heat 1/2 cup water until it is close to boiling

2) Add coconut sugar and stir. Let cool before adding other ingredients (this is your “hairspray” of the mixture!)

3) Stir in remaining 1/2 cup water, sea salt, and Facial Repair Serum

4) Pour into a fine-misting spray bottle (an empty Rosewater Facial Toner bottle would work great!)

5) Spray liberally for your perfect summer waves

 PS: This recipe is super flexible! We wanted to make a spray with light hold, but if you want something a little stronger, adding more coconut sugar and sea salt will increase the spray’s strength.

As always, we would LOVE to hear what you think! Comment below or tag us @cocokindskincare if you give this recipe a try.

– The cocokind team