DIY Post-Sun Sweet Potato Face Mask

Happy almost birthday, America! Our go-to activities for this holiday weekend? Outdoor grilling, pool parties, and a whole lot of beach! In the midst of all the celebrations, we’re here to remind you to take care of your skin…SPF, SPF, and SPF. While we don’t have a sunscreen quite yet, we love this product from Goddess Garden

Even if you wear SPF, between jumping in and out of the pool and all the festivities, your skin might not get away completely damage free (hello sunburns and dry skin). Don’t worry! We’ve stirred up the perfect recipe to repair your sun-kissed skin. Before you run to the store for aloe vera or stick your face in the fridge (come on, we’ve all done it…), try our post-sun DIY SWEET POTATO face mask! Not only will our mask help soothe and moisturize your skin after outdoor exposure, but it will also accelerate the healing process of sunburns. The result? Silky, smooth, and supple skin.

You guys know we are PURIST, and this recipe is super simple — just the way we like it. Convinced yet? All you need is:

  1. 3 pumps of cocokind Organic Facial Repair Serum
  2. 2 scoops of cooked sweet potato (Warm or cold, depending on what feels better to you. We love it cold!)
  3. 2-3 spoons of organic coconut milk (see our favorite brand here)

(Yes, we know this sounds like a dessert, but we promise it’s for your skin.)

*Our recipe makes 2 servings–make sure to share with a friend or refrigerate for the next day!

How it works?

Our Organic Facial Repair Serum and organic coconut milk help to soothe pain from any burns, promote natural skin regeneration, and moisturize. Sweet potato actually draws out heat, reducing sunburn healing time and helping your skin cool off.

How to use?

Combine the three ingredients, stir until you reach consistency, apply to your face, and relax! Is the skin around your eyes needing some love too? This mask is gentle enough to be applied under your eyes. This mask is best left on your face for 10-15 minutes; during this time, may we recommend sending a bunch of selfies and snaps to your friends?!

After the facial has soaked in, rinse off with warm water or remove with a soft cloth. Gently pad your face dry, and now you’re all set for tomorrow’s pool party. Just remember your sunglasses, SPF, and a whole lot of moisturizer!


-The cocokind team