how to: customize our chlorophyll mask for your skin's specific needs

Because it comes in a powder form, our purifying, complexion-boosting chlorophyll mask can be easily customized, depending on what your skin is craving. Even better, you’ll find tons of mask carriers (that your skin will love!) right in your kitchen. Here are a few of our favorites. 

 water: for every day

This is our go-to! Mix in more water for a thinner, more diluted mask, or less for a thicker, more concentrated mask. You can even use a thicker mixture on oilier or more breakout-prone areas and a thinner mixture on drier or more sensitive areas. If your mask feels itchy or tight, add in more water to thin it out.

Though our chlorophyll mask is gentle, it’s potent and effective, so it’s always a good idea to patch test first. There’s also no harm in starting off with a thinner mask and then building up to a thicker paste.

avocado: to soften and hydrate

Avocados aren't just for toast! Since they’re packed with antioxidants and vitamin E and C, they help support your skin’s elasticity and immunity. They’re also rich in fatty acids, which help nourish and soften your skin.

In your hand or a bowl, mix half of a mashed avocado and a scoop of our chlorophyll mask. Apply the mixture to your face and let sit for 15-20 minutes. If you have trouble getting the mixture to stick to your skin, try adding in a pump or two of our facial cleansing oil

yogurt: to target dullness

Yogurt, which is rich in calcium and vitamin B, helps nourish and moisturize skin when applied topically. It’s also a great natural source of lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid. Lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin and supports healthy cell turnover, which is the process of your skin replacing old, dead skin cells with new ones. The result? A fresher, brighter looking complexion.

Not into dairy? No problem - nondairy yogurts like coconut, cashew, or soy, can be just as rich in lactic acid as dairy yogurts are. 

Mix a scoop of plain, organic yogurt (with no added sugar) with a scoop of chlorophyll mask, apply the mixture to your face, and relax for 15 minutes or so. 

honey: to clarify and boost your glow

Honey has antibacterial and skin-soothing properties, which makes it great for irritated or breakout-prone skin. It’s also rich in antioxidants which help defend your skin against oxidative stress and boost your natural glow.

Mix approximately half of a tablespoon of honey with a scoop of chlorophyll mask to create a paste, and apply to your face. Honey can be a stronger carrier, so if you have super sensitive skin, make sure to patch test this mixture first.

egg whites: to reduce the look of pores

Rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals, egg whites boast a lot of benefits for your diet and your skincare. As a natural astringent, egg whites can help remove excess oil and diminish the appearance of pores. With less oil, and fewer opportunities for bacteria to breed, you also help reduce the likelihood of blemishes forming, which makes it an ideal ingredient for the acne-prone among us.

Just mix one egg white and a scoop of mask in your hand or a bowl to create a paste, and apply to your face.

rosewater toner: for a balancing mask that smells like roses

We love our rosewater toner because it’s the ideal pH for skin and can be used as much as you want, whenever you want. 

When mixed with our chlorophyll mask, this toner helps balance your skin while also providing lightweight hydration with a refreshing feel. And bonus - it makes your mask smell like roses, which is great for those who don’t love slightly grassy smell of the chlorophyll.

Spritz rosewater 4-5x in your hand (or pour a little straight from the bottle!) and mix it with a full scoop of the chlorophyll mask. You can also spray your face with the rosewater toner while you’re wearing the mask (mixed with any carrier) to refresh it and loosen any areas that may have tightened. 

cleansing oil: to hydrate and draw out impurities

While our chlorophyll mask isn’t drying, it isn’t naturally moisturizing either. To detoxify your skin AND hydrate it at the same time, try mixing it with our facial cleansing oil. This oil will help nourish your skin and pull out impurities, while you’re wearing the mask and as you’re washing it off.

Simply mix a scoop of chlorophyll mask and 3-4 pumps of cleansing oil, apply, and let sit for 20 minutes or more. 

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