the signs as cocokind products

Whether you’re an ambitious Capricorn, a magnetic Leo, or something in between, there’s a cocokind product that describes you to a tee. Read on to see what’s written in the stars. 

aries - turmeric tonic

Aries are bold, energetic, and unafraid of a challenge. Their courageousness and contagious enthusiasm sets them apart in the workplace, while their independence and dedication ensure that they always achieve their goals - and they love to win! When frustrated, they can become impatient and short-tempered.

Just like our Aries friends, our turmeric tonic is always ready to take on a challenge. Our formula uses organic turmeric extract to help visibly reduce the look of blemishes, dark spots, and post-acne scarring.

taurus - watermelon hemp oil

Tauruses desire consistency and stability, and dislike sudden change. They are hardworking and steady, dependable and down-to-earth, but don’t ever mistake them for boring - when provoked, a Taurus’s anger can be intense and borderline wrathful. 

Tauruses are also commonly known for their love of sensorial, physical, or material pleasures - great food, fine art, beautiful scenery, and the like. They can be materialistic and extremely self-indulgent, but it’s just because they appreciate the finer things in life. 

The perfect cocokind product for the self-indulgent Taurus is our watermelon hemp oil; besides offering lightweight hydration with a silky feel, this oil also features a luxurious, wintry fragrance, thanks to the essential oil blend in its formula.

gemini - oil to milk cleanser

Symbolized by a set of twins, Geminis are characterized by their so-called dual personalities. These highly social individuals can easily adapt to any environment or group of people - almost like they have more than one personality. Their flexibility tends to make them popular and well-liked.

Extremely intelligent, Geminis require intellectual stimulation and cannot stand being bored or restricted. The twins also symbolize exchange and communication, which are crucial to a healthy relationship with a Gemini. 

A typical Gemini would love our oil to milk cleanser, a skincare product as adaptable and versatile as they are. Massage this oil jelly into dry skin, add water, and watch it transform into a milky wash that easily rinses away. 

cancer - facial cleansing oil

Sentimental and emotional, Cancers are masters at reading the room and picking up on positive or negative energies. They are extremely protective of themselves and those they care about. They tend to avoid direct confrontations, and when hurt, they’re likely to withdraw or retreat into themselves.

Their sensitivity and emotion also enables them to be some of the most kind, caring individuals - they’ll always be there for you. 

The ideal cocokind product for a Cancer would be our facial cleansing oil, a daily makeup remover and cleanser, suitable for even the most *sensitive* skin.

leo - sunrei reishi gold highlighter

The vivacious, theatrical lions of the zodiac love to perform and be in the spotlight. They are hard workers with big dreams, big plans, and a desire to change the world. Though they love to celebrate themselves to the point of sometimes appearing conceited or egotistical, they’re also the first to blame themselves if something goes wrong. 

 Fiercely loyal, Leos will hold on to people and situations for longer than most, refusing to let go or give up. The worst thing you can do to a Leo is ignore them. 

Leos would like their cocokind product to be something as dramatic and show-stopping as they are. Our sunrei reishi gold highlighter uses ethically-sourced, cruelty-free mica to give skin a radiant gold glow and organic reishi mushroom powder to fight the effects of oxidative stress. 

virgo - chlorophyll mask

Virgos are honest, responsible, loyal, and sometimes shy. They are extreme perfectionists, who often feel unaccomplished or incompetent if their work is less than perfect. Self-sufficient and self-contained, they don’t generally seek out recognition or excessive attention for their work; however, they do like to feel appreciated and useful. They despise laziness and sloppiness, and can be difficult to please

Often associated with Demeter, the goddess of wheat and agriculture, the perfect cocokind product for a Virgo is our wheatgrass-packed, complexion-boosting chlorophyll mask. You can play around with different carriers, mix-ins, or water-to-mask ratios, until you reach something that even a Virgo would call *perfect* for your skin’s needs.

libra - rosewater toner

Symbolized by a set of scales, Libras desire harmony, balance, and equality. These sociable, approachable individuals are generally peaceful and prefer to stay drama-free. They tend to take neutral, middle-ground stances, which some perceive as not taking a stance at all. 

Despite their love of cooperation and harmony, Libras are often thought of as dishonest - partially because they have no problem lying to keep the peace. 

The perfect product to match the Libra’s need for harmony and equilibrium is the rosewater facial toner, which balances your skin’s pH while also soothing and calming it. 

scorpio - raspberry vinegar toner

Scorpios are masters at getting whatever they want through strategy and determination. And they never give up! Commonly known for their intensity and passion, they have a love of power and control, and are rarely intimidated. They are unafraid of confrontation, and can be jealous and borderline obsessive.

They are also extremely tenacious, and possess the ability to heal themselves, and to grow through adversity.

The scorpions of the zodiac need a skincare product that matches their unwavering intensity - enter our raspberry vinegar toner, our 2-ingredient solution for eliminating excess oil and unclogging pores.

sagittarius - daily SPF

Idealistic, and optimistic, Sagittariuses desire adventure, escape, and exploration. They despise routine and are unafraid of risk, which can cause them to be perceived as irresponsible or flighty. 

Sagittariuses are fun-loving and sociable - however, they are also extremely philosophical and can become fixated on the internal. Their curiosity about the world is insatiable.

Our daily SPF is the perfect product for the adventurous, travel-hungry Sagittarius - just toss a tube in your bag and make sure you're reapplying while you're out there adventuring!


capricorn - mymatcha all-over moisture stick

Commonly known for their discipline, practicality, and ambition, Capricorns are believed to be the most resourceful signs of the zodiac. It’s common for Capricorns to avoid frivolous pursuits, not because they’re boring, but because they want to dedicate themselves and their lives to things that are worthwhile. They also possess a powerful desire for recognition.

These wise, capable sea goats take a steady, grounded approach to life and know how to get things done; however, they’re also extraordinarily creative and great at making people laugh. They are loyal and devoted to their friends and loved ones, though they might initially come across as cold and insensitive.

Practical Caps will love our mymatcha all-over moisture stick for nourishment, protection, and hydration in a single, portable product.

aquarius - glow essence

Symbolized by the water bearer, Aquariuses are the most humanitarian signs in all of the zodiac. They fight for diversity, tolerance, and progress and are typically highly intellectual and independent. Though generally likeable, Aquariuses can initially come off as standoffish, cold, or even judgemental. 

The Aquarius values personal space and freedom, and will resist any attempt to keep them in a box. They dislike possessiveness and jealousy, but are extremely loyal and supportive to their friends and to those they are committed to. 

Water-bearing Aquariuses will love our glow essence with sea grape caviar, which helps kickstart hydration while boosting your natural glow and increasing suppleness. 

pisces - chia facial oil

Dreamy and romantic Pisces tend to excel in the arts, music, and teaching fields, thanks to their deeply expressive nature. Highly spiritual and imaginative, they might come across as spacey and even directionless to outsiders.

Pisces are extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings, as well as their own. They are compassionate and empathetic, and are easily pained by the suffering of others. 

No matter what, they always look for the best in humanity and trust easily and freely. They’re also masters at channeling sadness and suffering into creativity.

Tender Pisces would find comfort in skincare products designed to deeply nourish the skin, like our chia facial oil. Massage a few drops of this nutrient-dense oil into skin to leave skin hydrated, soft, and velvety.

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