apply to become a Junior Creator for cocokind!

calling all TikTok experts - we've got an internship opportunity for you!

We’re looking for TikTok content creators with an interest in the beauty, skincare and wellness industry who want to learn more about the digital marketing space. This is a 3-month paid internship with an expected commitment of 5-10 hours per week, depending on your availability. This position reports to our TikTok Manager.
You are:
  • A content creator (or aspiring)
  • An avid social media user
  • On top of the latest TikTok trends, whether it’s a new dance, viral meme or trending audio
  • Familiar with the basics of video editing (either using mobile apps or professional software)
  • Interested in social media insights and analytics
  • Responsible, good communicator
  • Able to collaborate in a team and work independently
  • 18 years or older
As a Junior Creator for Cocokind, you will:
  • Collaborate with the social and marketing teams to produce highly engaging, visually appealing content
  • Concept, film and edit several short-form videos weekly
  • Interpret media analytics and make necessary adjustments
  • Monthly stipend
  • Free product up to $100 for yourself
  • Products to shoot
  • Stipend for prop purchases
  • Features and tags on our social accounts
  • Training from our marketing team

Apply here! If you have any questions about this position, send an email to!



Alyssa Reyes on

I just applied and I’m so excited to hear back! I love Cocokind!


Alyssa Reyes on

I just applied and I’m so excited to hear back! I love


Jadyn Potts on

I just applied! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I love cocokind!


Mia on

I just submitted my application, thank you so much for the opportunity! I love skincare and everything cocokind stands for. As a college student I have lots of experience in research and writing, and am also an avid user of TikTok and Instagram! I hope you have a great day :)


annika mossel on

This sounds like such a great opportunity! I would love to do this & enjoy making tik toks so much! my instagram handle is @annikamos


Jazmin Williams on

This sounds like an amazing opportunity. I am a communications major and I have been hoping for an opportunity like this. I am still learning the Tiktok system but I am very active on my instagram.
Here is my IG handle: thatjayyyglow.


Keeley Boehm on

I just applied! Thank you so much for this opportunity!


Tori Malloy on

I would love the opportunity to work for cocokind! Thank you for reviewing my application.


Dominique Anderson on

I absolutely love skincare and I am looking into going into aesthetician school (currently in marketing at a 4 year)! But I want to learn insight into social media marketing and I get the opportunity to do it through skincare! Oh yes, sign me up!!


Emma D-L on

This sounds like a wonderful opportunity


Chelsea Robison on

I would love to do this for influenster and Instagram..
Both my handle name is : Chelsearae714


Gabby Dimatteo on

I would love the opportunity skincare and makeup are my passions and would love to work with cocokind thank you


Cecilia Moreira on

I am interested in the position! I have used cocokind for almost two years now and i would be interested in learning more about this role!


Karen Garcia on

I glad that this awesome brand is giving younger people an opportunity!

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