ck spotlight: Lily Galef, co-founder & chief brand officer of Hilma

Meet Lily Galef, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Hilma - a brand that offers natural but science-backed medicine cabinet staples.
Read on to find out about the inspiration behind the company, Lily's favorite natural remedies, how she practices self-care, and more!
What inspired you to create Hilma?
My co-founders (Nina Mullen + Hilary Quartner) and I realized that we had transitioned to clean label, natural products in our food, skincare, beauty, and cleaning products, but that we didn’t have a comparable option when it came to our medicine cabinet. It didn’t feel right to be buying organic groceries and getting rid of all the parabens in our skincare, but still be using OTC products full of dyes, fillers, and artificial preservatives. 
When we looked for natural, clean-label alternatives, we were not happy with what we found: the herbal options were confusing, not backed by science, and were ingredient-focused rather than solution-focused. We felt like we needed to get a degree in herbalism in order to know what to buy!
We decided to create Hilma because we believe that natural remedies should be effective and accessible, and that everyone should have a natural alternative to what’s currently in their medicine cabinet. 
We put together a team of doctors & scientists to help us formulate products that we could trust to be clean and effective: we only use natural ingredients that have been clinically researched, we have a strict no list, and we do our own clinical studies on our products.
What's your favorite part of your job?
My team!! I get to build something I’m passionate about with a team of brilliant, creative women. There are always stressful moments but it’s much easier to get through them when you have a strong team as a support system.
What's a natural remedy/ingredient you always have on hand?
Turmeric is my absolute favorite--it’s delicious and a powerful way to reduce inflammation and support your immune + respiratory systems. I’ll cook with it (my favorite turmeric recipe is this turmeric chicken), add it to a juice, or just take it in the form of our Immune Support. It’s also great for your skin when applied topically (I love my cocokind turmeric stick!)
How do you practice self care?
I’m naturally quite anxious, so over the years I’ve found tools to help myself relax and gain perspective. I’ve found that doing yoga in the morning and connecting my breath to movement dramatically reduces my stress levels throughout the day.  I would say the primary way I practice self-care is prioritizing time to do this.
What's your number one beauty or self-care tip?
HYDRATION. Drink all the water, use all the moisturizer. You will never regret it. And SPF!!!!!! Every day. Even in the winter, even if you’re not going outside for very long.
Some advice I know is right but have never personally been able to follow: don’t pick at your face. If anyone can find a way to stop doing this, please let me know.
What's your personal motto?
The harder I work, the luckier I am. And it’s cliche but I deeply believe in this: be kind.
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