ck irl: vôx vé

we’re so grateful for all of the incredible members of our community, AKA you! so we’ve created this series - where we can hear all about your skincare routines, how you use cocokind IRL, and how you work to live a clean, conscious lifestyle. 

name: Vôx Vé (@voxve on instagram)

age: 31

city: Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. Currently dodging rodents in NYC.

occupation: Indie-pop singer/producer/artist (+ several bill-paying side hustles)

what does a typical day look like for you

1. Wake up. 2. Almond butter. 3. Work sesh #1—always the scariest task first so it can’t taunt me. Then around 11, I take the subway to a dance workout for 45 minutes of dance joy + 15 minutes of toning pain. Then off to my co-working space for anything and everything from editing music videos to coordinating my release schedule with my distributors. Around 5 I head back home to rehearse for any upcoming shows. Then, once my brain starts to fritz around 6:30, I take my dog, Matcha, to the dog park and enjoy the therapy of watching dogs go crazy for the simple things: running, playing, splash pools, (the occasional hump).

what made you decide to try cocokind? tell us about your first experience!

I discovered Cocokind through the pun-derful Katie Lemons on Instagram and remember being weirdly excited to go find it in Whole Foods! Since then, the brand has become a staple of my self-care, which is sacred to me because, like many women, I used to suffer from an eating disorder. During my recovery, skincare became a vital way of showing myself that I could derive relaxation and nourishment outside of my rocky relationship with food. Though technically, I could eat cocokind :)

what steps do you take to live a clean/conscious lifestyle beyond your beauty routine?

A lot of the consciousness in my lifestyle centers around mental health. Like so many millennials, growing up, I learned the behaviors of perfectionism and pressure that make people overlook the beauty of the lives they already have. So I try to make mental health habits (like dance, the dog park, skincare, and phone-free time with my partner) non-negotiable. I try to constantly remind myself to question the wisdom of our success-obsessed value system and refocus on what matters: love, health, inspiration, empathy.

who's someone that inspires you and why? 

I have two! The first is my older sister Caroline. Not only has she led dozens of missions in emergency and conflict zones across the globe for Doctors Without Borders, but she uses her passion for sustainability to inspire change in those around her. She’d tell me to say: be conscious of consuming non-recyclables, take trains over planes, and eat less beef!

The second is FKA Twigs. She’s exactly the kind of performer I admire: deeply and uniquely creative, a multimedia artist, and seemingly much more interested in her art than her recognition.

if you could give other cocokind-lovers one piece of beauty advice, what would it be? 

Don’t let the world hoodwink you into believing that you should look flawless, or that an “imperfect” appearance makes you any less worthy of being seen and heard. I used to throw performance videos away if I saw a roll or a pimple, but I’ve realized that that serves absolutely no one, and that humans can reclaim their right to look like humans...because the day that we stop giving others the power to define our beauty is the day that we begin expanding those definitions.

Oh and waterproof eyeliner on the upper water line; it thickens the lash line when you want go no mascara!

we had to ask - what's your favorite cocokind product? 

Again, I have two! mymatcha - not only is it super hydrating, but it solves my late night lazies by being absurdly easy to apply. I keep it by my bed so when the energy to unscrew jars or besmirch my fingers with moisturizer is long gone, I can still get that hydration, no hand wash required! 

I also love me some facial cleansing oil. I actually use it as both a non-drying cleanser and a highlighter. The last step in my makeup routine is to put a drop on my fingers, rub it around and then pat it on my cheek and brow bones as an extra dewy highlight. Plus, then I can smell it all day!

thanks for being a part of our community! we're happy you're here. if you have any questions, always feel free to DM us on instagram or email :)