ck irl: genevieve

we’re so grateful for all of the incredible members of our community, AKA you! so we’ve created this series - where we can hear all about your skincare routines, how you use cocokind IRL, and how you work to live a clean, conscious lifestyle. 

name: Genevieve Diaz (@genevieve.diaz on instagram)

age: 28

city: San Francisco 

occupation: filmmaker and post-producer 

what does a typical day look like for you?

I'll start my day with a workout to wake up my body and mind. Once I'm back home, I'll shower, make a protein shake and/or smoothie, then put on a podcast. Then, I'll kick off my skincare routine: chia facial oil, sunscreen, mymatcha for under my eyes, and rosewater toner to finish it all off. Then I'm off to work, where I spend most of my time producing with the creative team at MasterClass. I'm currently working on two films, so after work, I'm headed to a coffee shop to work with my producer or spend time writing. When I'm finally home, I whip up some dinner and then watch Netflix. 

what made you decide to try cocokind? tell us about your first experience!

My first cocokind experience was with the chia facial oil. I have sensitive skin so I wanted to start using natural products - I was immediately hooked! Prior to cocokind, I would cycle out of moisturizers every 3 months because my skin would get used to the product, and I would have to find something new. The chia facial oil is now my skin’s best friend. 

what steps do you take to live a clean/conscious lifestyle beyond your beauty routine? 

A few years ago, I had a health issue that taught me the importance of taking care of your mind and body, inside and out. Due to the nature of the health issue, I had to completely change my diet and listen to my body's needs. I now view food as medicine.

who's someone that inspires you and why? 

My best friend Lauren. I've watched her (continually) manifest her goals with passion and grit. Also, she reminds me to drink water. 

if you could give other cocokind-lovers one piece of beauty advice, what would it be? 

Keep it simple! I love trying new things, especially in skincare and makeup but since I have sensitive skin, I have to be conscious of what I'm introducing into my daily routine. 

we had to ask - what's your favorite cocokind product? 

The chlorophyll mask! After I put it on, I add a few scoops to a glass of water to sip on while I wait for my mask to finish up. Hydration inside and out. 


thanks for being a part of our community! we're happy you're here. if you have any questions, always feel free to DM us on instagram or email!