Choosing Between Our Five Daily Moisturizers

As we expand our skincare line, we understand that it may get confusing when it comes to deciding which products to choose from. The Organic Chia Seed oil vs the NEW Golden Elixir? The Organic Matcha Moisturizer or the Jasmine All-Over-Oil? Now that we have five daily moisturizers to choose from, it may feel overwhelming and we totally feel ya! In this post, we will highlight the differences in our daily moisturizers and outline what problems they solve so that you can better choose your products.


Daily Moisturizer Organic Chia Facial Oil Organic Matcha Face Moisturizer Organic Facial Repair Serum Raspberry Jasmine All Over Oil Golden Elixir
For What Skin Type? All Skin Types Dry Skin or PM Use All Skin Types All Skin Types – especially oily or acne-prone All Skin Types – especially oily or acne-prone
**good for beginners or those new to oils
Absorbency scale
*1-10 scale
*10 is most quickly absorbed
7 5 7 9 10
What Does it Do? Revives dull or thin skin, calms inflammation, and achieves a youthful glow Rejuvenates skin, fights hyperpigmentation, improves suppleness and elasticity, and provides deep moisture Treats uneven skin (in texture or tone) and heals rough, irritated, or blemish-prone skin Protects and repairs skin from free radical damage, boosts circulation, and increases softness and suppleness Protects the barrier function, improves skin’s structural integrity, calms inflammation, and regulates sebum production
Ingredients -Organic chia seed oil
-Organic chamomile flowers
-Organic virgin coconut oil
-Organic matcha tea powder
-Organic pomegranate oil
-Organic bergamot oil
-Organic virgin coconut oil
-Organic avocado oil
-Organic rosehip oil
-Red raspberry seed oil
-Organic sunflower seed oil
-Organic baobab seed oil
-Jasmine flowers
-Jasmine absolute essential oil
-Organic sacha inchi oil
-Organic sunflower seed oil
-Organic geranium oil
-Organic sweet orange oil
Key Nutrients Delivered -Vitamins A, B, E, D
-Omega-3, 6 fatty acids
(3-1 ratio)
-Vitamins A, B, C, E, K
-Lauric acid and other essential fatty acids
-Chlorophyll, Catechins, & Caffeine
-Vitamins A, B, D, E,
-Essential fatty acids
Lecithin & Squalene
-Balanced oleic and linoleic acid ratio
-Vitamins A, D, E
-Omega 3, 6 fatty acids (2-1 ratio)
-Carotenoids powerhouse
-Vitamins A, E
-(Omega 3, 6 fatty acids (1.3-1 ratio)

It’s important to remember that we don’t recommend a strict skincare routine.
We believe that everyone has specific needs and that our skin is always evolving. Factors such as sleep, diet, lack of water, travel etc. will affect your skin in different ways. And since your skin will not stay the same all the time, it’s okay to be flexible with your skincare routine! Interchanging products from time to time depending on what your skin requires is not only okay, but smart.

Not only that, we all have personal preferences when it comes to texture, scent, etc., and some of us like to mix and match more than others. While we are providing the above list to make the decision easier for you based on what problem you’d like to solve, there is no concrete instruction list. Ultimately, choose what makes you feel good and DO YOU!

We hope this guide was helpful. We want you to feel properly equipped with the knowledge necessary to learn what cocokind products to use when your skin is asking for it. As always, feel free to leave us any comments or questions (

– The Cocokind Team