No photoshop, please

No photoshop, please

From my teenage years to mid 20s, I spent way too much emotional energy on managing my skin hour by hour or day by day. Being so uncomfortable in my skin, I established routines specifically to cover up my breakouts and uneven skin tone, like skipping out on lunch with coworkers so I could wash my face and reapply a fresh layer of skincare and makeup. I avoided social interactions during the day when I thought my skin would be “too visible”, and I even opted out of exercising when I thought that sweating too much would worsen my breakouts. I went tanning 2x a week so I could “blend in” my acne scars...I pretty much did everything I possibly could to hide my real skin. 

Skin anxiety is a real thing that doesn’t get talked about enough. What doesn’t help is the constant consumption of content that shows perfect skin. It is my belief that the world doesn’t need another aspirational beauty brand that makes you feel like you need to change yourself to fit in - we need real life examples that promote self-acceptance! Even images that sometimes show acne, cellulite, stretch marks, texture, and more, are often touched up or made to look “trendy and cool.” For me, however, there is a really big difference between normalizing real skin and marketing real skin. 

Our commitment to normalizing real skin means:

  • This is not a one-off campaign, or a campaign used to sell a certain product. It’s a constant celebration and acceptance of diverse skin tones, textures, and everything that we encounter when it comes to skin! 
  • We have a no photoshop policy when it comes to skin imagery - we’ll never touch up or hide real skin. 

It is important to me that your relationship with your skin and body is a positive one - which can feel very difficult at times. From experience, I know what can help with this journey is criticizing our skin less, consuming real content, and nourishing our skin vs. over-treating it (both physically and emotionally). 

Accepting my skin has been so liberating, and I hope we can play a small role in helping you embrace your real skin too. To me, that’s the ultimate sign of success that we are doing what we set out to do and building a different kind of beauty company. 

With love, 

P, founder and CEO